The Weekly Forecast - February 17 -

The Academy

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What a Week!

Last week's weather conditions will be something we will all remember for some time to come. Hopefully each of you managed through the snow, ice, and earthquake without any major issues.

There were major school wide events that were cancelled last week due to the closing. We will notify the staff regarding the future status of each event by this week.

Joshua Peters

Josh Peters, one of our 5th graders, lost his dad last Wednesday at the tender age of 31. Josh was actually with his dad when he passed. Funeral services for Justin Peters will be held this coming Thursday. We will be sure to offer Josh as much support as is possible. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

District leadership teams will meet this Tuesday. No meetings for remaining certified staff.


  • I will be out of the building to attend principal's meetings at the D.O. beginning at 1:00. Please see Mrs. Poore should you need assistance.
  • The Good News Club will meet in the cafeteria following dismissal which means day care riders will go to the mini theatre.
  • The district honor choir will meet in our mini theatre at 3:45.
  • Dr. Somerall's master's degree cohort will meet in our library beginning at 4:00.

Spring pictures this Thursday. See email sent by Mrs. Poore for details.

Birthday Wishes!

  • 2/17 N. Doremus
  • 2/19 C. Rhodes