How to Dress or an Interview

Male and Female Interview Attire

Female Dress Attire

A pantsuit is widely acceptable attire to wear to a job interview if you are a female. If you're worried that you will be over dressed, I wouldn't worry too much, because its always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Male Dress Attire

A suit and tie would suffice for a job interview. Either grey, navy, or a black suit would be ideal for a job interview. (stay clear oF pinstriped)

What Not to Wear

Do not wear:

-Ill-fitting clothes

-Make sure if you are wearing a suit thatthe pants arent too big, and the sleaves on the jacket arent too long

-Overly casual clothes

-you dont want to wear street cloths to an iterview

-Anything distracting

-Dont wear patterned pants or a neon top

-Something Very Different from What the Interviewer Suggested

-if an interviewer suggested uou wear black pants and a nice top, dont show up wearing a jean minni skirt and a tank top

-Excessive Accessories

-limit yourself to two accessories and stand clear of anything that jingles or makes noise

-The obvious

-dont show up to an interview in that outfit you wore to the club two nights before

and dont have any expouse of any sort of undergarments