Pondering Prudence & Good Judgment

a meeting of the Erascible Sam & Folly Club (houston)

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Reconnoitering, J. S. Sargent


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The first 2016 meeting of the Erascible Sam & Folly Club!

We will begin this side of winter with additional exploration of a most important human virtue: prudence. In particular, we will focus on the fundamental (and not often obvious) elements that constitute good judgment.

Of course, a main ingredient of the meeting will be reading and discussing either a story or a short play.


Mr Presberg

Pondering Prudence & Good Judgment: a meeting of the Erascible Sam & Folly Club

Saturday, Jan. 16th, 1:30-5pm

1707 Milford Street

Houston, TX

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio, painting by Giorgio Vasari, 16th c.

Speaking of Prudence...

...The term "prudence" has come to mean rather the slyness which permits the cunning and "shrewd" tactician to evade any dangerous risk to his person, and thus escape injury and even the possibility of injury...To us prudence seems to be that false "discretion" and "cool consideration" conjured up by the coward to shirk the test. To prudence thus conceived, fortitude seems plainly unwise or stupid...

...the world reveals itself to the silent listener and only to him; the more silently he listens, the more purely is he able to perceive reality.

...these false prudences arise from covetousness and are by nature akin to it...how impossible just estimate and decision is without a youthful spirit of brave trust and, as it were, a reckless tossing away of anxious self-preservation, a relinquishment of all egoistic bias toward mere confirmation of the self...

~ Josef Pieper

the Plan

  • 1:30 meet at SEi Milford St., discussion of prudence and good judgment
  • 2:15 story/play reading and discussion
  • 5:00 finis!


$5 per person

schedule subject to change

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~ an easy Faulkner novel to add to your library...
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