December @bvnlibrary

We can't believe...

how quickly this semester went! Despite our limited number of days with students, we still served over 1100 students in classes! Our makerbot worked OVERTIME to complete student projects. It has become apparent how much 3D printing has improved learning and problem solving in the library. We are also very pleased with the influx of math and science classes collaborating with us. Read on to learn about the great projects from December!


TED Talks

Students in Mr. Breedlove's Economics classes researched corporations and their overseas business practices. After analyzing these practices, students created TED talks to explain their conclusions about the corporation. Students addressed issues such as labor, finances, and working conditions. The recording of the TED talk proved challenging for many students however we already have plans for better preparation in the future.

Finance Project

Students in Mrs. Stein's and Mrs. Colwell's Honors Pre-Calculus classes were introduced to the finance project. This year, students will use or glogster to create an online poster addressing an assigned scenario. Students were given a character with a specific salary and specific debts. Students must research and select a home to buy in the Leawood, Overland Park, or Olathe area. They must calculate not only what they can afford, but how much their payments will be among other values. This math project allows students to apply their learning in an authentic scenario while incorporating both math and research skills. These projects are not due until January 2, however several students have already turned them in.

Marketing Board Games

Students in Mr. Hintz's Marketing classes completed their board games started last month. Many of them designed and 3D printed game pieces as part of this project. The final piece of this assignment was to present the game to the class and talk about the design process, branding. marketing, planning. The hard-work and critical thinking that went into these games was very evident as the end products were phenomenal.