The Pacific Region

Is home to Hollywood

Geographical Features

The Olympic mountain is in the northwest corner of Washington, the coast rang is in the southwest corner. Sera Nevada mountain range is a cascade mountain range in California. The Mojave desert is in California. The cascade mountain range goes through California, Oregon, and Washington, which is the states of the Pacific Region.
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Climate / Natural reasorces

The climates in the pacific region has the ocienic Climate because it is next to the Pacific Ocean, They have mild tempetures because it is not far away from the equator, Hot Summer's because it's close to the equator and cold winters because it's by the ocean, the natural reasorces are oil and gas fields, Fish because there near an ocean, they have a natural resource of polymettalic nodules also know as manganese nodules, sand and gravel aggregates, and placer deposits are accumulation

Famous people

Famous people in the pacific region are "George Lucas He made Star Wars and Indiana jones" "Tom Brady Is famous for NFL Football" "Jeff Bridges Is a famous Film Actor"Bill Walton, was a famous basketball player"and O.J.Simpson, who was an athlete, after,criminal, and a famous football player
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Regional foods

Some regional foods in the pacific region are salmon,and fish because it's near the ocean. They also have moose,elk,carou,wild mushrooms,berries,and some farming plants like, patatoes and others.

Pacific fun

Things the pacific region do for fun is swimming and surfing because they have an ocean with big waves they do whale watching wich is they go on boats and whatch whales. They also golf,hike,bike,kayak,camp,and have picnics because they have hot summers and have a lot of out side sports,and activitys.

Major places in the pacific region

poeple visit Seattle Washington because it is famous and has an NFL team.( The Seattle Seahawks.) Poeple also visit Hollywood because they might want to get an acting career, and meet actors / famous people. They also want to go to Gulf Islands and play an outside activity in the summer.


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