Literacy and Social Studies

Fall 2016

Someone Special and Me

The third graders are so excited about our upcoming Thanksgiving celebration! We appreciate your generosity and look forward to a wonderful gathering with our family and friends.

Thank you for returning the RSVP form to your child's homeroom and for donating items for our 11:30 a.m. "feast" on 11/23!

Landform Activity

As a part of the "Land and Water" unit in social studies, the students are given the option of completing an at-home activity. For students who are interested in creating this 3D model of a landform, please know that this visual display should be sent into school before 12/1. This 3D model may be made out of paper, clay or any other material that is readily available in your home. A directions sheet is available for students who are interested in this activity.

Other News:

Flat Stanley was recently sent home and is ready for his BIG adventure! This optional project will allow your child to learn more about another community. Please consider using the Flat Stanley Project website to learn more about sending Stanley on an adventure.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to our class moms and all of the parents who made our Halloween celebration a success. The children appreciated all of your refreshments and they certainly had fun creating the adorable bookmark activity. Thank you for your generosity!

All the best for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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