Lineville Technology

By: Dom Bierhals

Typing Web

1. It really helped my typing accuracy and I feel more confident in my typing

2. When I started Typing Web, I wasn't very fast , but now I can type much faster

3. Also, now I can complete lessons much faster because i'm more fluent with my typing


1. Lets me create short movies to advertise or show something to other people

2. You can make anything you want and express your creativity

3. We go to to record things we like and make short movies out of them

Career Locker

1. It helped me find what path I should take when I get older

2. Found Colleges and what degrees they give for different jobs

3. We looked at different jobs and what kind of education you need for them

Haiku Deck

1. You could use it to create slideshows for whatever you want to present

2. It lets you add different pictures and headings to help you explain your topic better

3. With Haiku Deck, you can make organizers to make things more neat

Explain Everything

1. The app allows you to visually show things by drawing them out on a white board

2. You can also record your voice for better understanding of what your teaching

3. Create presentations for your friends and even people around the world to watch and learn from

Hour of Code

1. In one of the games, you could create your own apps and make them do whatever you want

2. It taught you different ways that games and apps are created

3. You could play different games that gave you instructions so you know what to do when you make your own game or app

Email Etiquette

1. It taught us to make things proper, because many things now are abbreviated

2. We had to send the teacher a email, showing her that we learned from this lesson

3. Also, we had to complete worksheets that had questions on them about Email Etiquette