September 8th - 11th

Tuesday through Thursday

Spelling - This is a short week study nightly. Spelling lists are located in Aces Folders
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Reading Fluency Pieces and Classroom Books

Students did very well with the One Breath Boxes! We will continue with another one this week. Take five minutes each day or night and practice. I will check their words on Thursday and Friday. Students will not do the breath boxes when being checked. The picture shows this weeks list.

Tuesday the students will be bringing home a reading piece for fluency. Practice for at least 5 minutes a night. I will listen to the students read on Friday.

Reading aloud to your child is lots of fun and very important in the development of reading and fostering love for reading.

Students are welcome to bring home my class library books.

Adding in a little more homework with math!

Practicing math facts to sums of ten through good old fashioned flash cards can be a quick and easy add on. Spend five minutes or less flipping through a stack of flash cards anytime and almost anywhere. Put a stack in your purse, van, backpack, diaper bags and practice as often as possible

A Night of Homework Might Look Like This

Spelling Practice - 10 - 20 minutes
One Breath Boxes - 5 minutes
Fluency Reads - 5 minutes
Math Flash Cards - 5 minutes
Reading for fun - as long as the child wants- before bedtime prayers is an idea!