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by Rylan Roth & Gavin Osterman


Mesopotamian is called the land between two rivers like a dream that is ever changing as it flows. The two rivers are called Tigris and the Euphrates. It is located on the continent of Asia and today the land is shared by Iraq and Syria.


The ancient Mesopotamians worshiped hundreds of gods. These gods were worshiped at huge temples called ziggurats.
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Most of the people were farmers and they experienced many floods, but today it's mostly desert. They invented irrigation which was extremely important because it allowed people to plant during the hot season. The land produced crops such as fruits and vegetables.
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Temple priest or royal officials were the leadership that was necessary to ensure cooperation. The person who conquered was King Hammurabi of the city-state of Babylon. The Assyrians were the ones who made force tribute. The definition of force tribute is if you do something to someone they get to do it back.

For example you poke an eye out they poke yours out.

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Some of the inventions that they made were the wheel, chariots, sailboats, hoe, and calendar. They also made jewelry and studied math and astronomy. As society evolved, the first form of writing was called cuneiform. It grew and brought the exchange of ideas among cultures.
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Social Structure

  • Upper class-Kings, warriors,priests were government officials.Middle class were the farmers, traders, merchants, artisans. The lower class were the enslaved, war captives,criminals, and people who can’t pay debt.Men had all the power and the women didn’t. Boys went to school and worked on the farm. Women had to clean the house and care for their children.

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