Mrs. Inman's Happenings

September 4-7

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This week in Reader's Workshop, the students will be focusing on "figuring out tricky words". They will learn the to apply the following strategies:

*Look at all the parts in a word.

*Use picture clues to help with words.

*Check to make sure that the word you say makes sense and sound right.

Our phonics sounds for the week are: /c/ spelled c and ck, /r/ spelled r, and /f/ spelled f and ff.

Continue practicing sight words. I will assess every other week.


Let's get started adding!!!

This week the students will begin to do traditional addition equations. We will be teaching the students to count on to add.

So for a problem like 6 + 2 = ______, we tell the children to put 6 in their head and count on two more times. Most students will still use their fingers at this point. Students will be applying their addition skills to word problems too! We always play a math game or two to reinforce those strategies!


We will be discussing the behavior of light.


In writer's workshop, students will continue to work on their small moments pieces. Helping our students think about things to write about is our biggest challenge. As things come up in your week, mention to your young writer, "That would make a great story!"

Learning Targets

Reading Literature: RL. 1, 7, 8

Foundational Skills: RF, 1, 2, 3

Writing- W.1.2

Speaking and Listening: SL. 1, 4

Language: L, 1, 2, 5.a

Math: OA. 1, 5, 6

Important Dates

September 3- Labor Day (No School)

Lunch Menu

We eat lunch at 11:00. Table 2.

Box Tops

Don't forget to save those box tops!

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