Free Gift Time!

LPJ Coaching

Hello Everyone! its Tammy here from LPJ Coaching

It's at this time of year - when the summer is coming to an end, that the full effect of our lives can come home to haunt us and remind us another year seems destined to go by where you are not really living the life that you want and you keep asking yourself why?


It’s at this time of year, when we’ve had a boost from the sunshine and we’re still feeling it’s energy that is the best time to harness your motivation & get your life back on track!

So don’t let this opportunity pass you by !

With the kids back at school...NOW IS THE TIME TO FOCUS ON YOU!

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER are RIPE months to take action and create a life where you feel ALIVE! want things to be different in let’s start RIGHT NOW!

I’m here to help!

How would you like my PERSONAL life coaching to
catapult your life in 2013, so you can create the 2014 you always dreamed of?

I want you to live your best life, living your full potential, so I’m offering my 30 minute ‘Happy New You!’ Personal Breakthrough Coaching Call FREE so you can get clear about what’s holding you back and find out how to quickly breakthrough to a life that you love!

** but you must ACT QUICKLY to get your spot **

I'll be taking just 10 committed people who are serious about improving their life!

Check out the details here:

In your private, 1:1 30 minute personal coaching call with me, I will focus
all my knowledge entirely on you and your needs.

In this call, we'll cover:

What’s holding you back from having the life that you really want
What it is that you need to feel Happy & Alive!
AND the one simple step that you can take immediately to turn things around

And best of all, it's complimentary!.
No charge

But I have two requirements if you'd like to claim one of these sessions:

1. You need to be serious & committed to making changes to improve your life & be ready and willing to take new action!

2. You have to be available! These sessions will be taking place daytime the week beginning 30th September 2013 and then they're gone.

So let's ‘POWER-UP YOUR POTENTIAL’ and create your exciting new life RIGHT NOW!

Simply answer the questions below and send them straight back to be considered - email me at and put Free Coaching Call’ in your subject line.

P.S. Don't wait to apply for your Come Alive Personal Breakthrough Call.
There are 10 spaces available and then they're GONE.


1. What is your name?

2. Tell me a little bit about your main issues today - why would you like this call?

3. When it comes to feeling happy, fulfilled & alive what seem to be your biggest challenges?

4. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest), how important is it to you that you get these issues solved and why?

5. What do you think is the No.1 obstacle that’s kept you from solving these challenges?

6. Where would you like your life to be in 6 months or 12 months from now?

7. What is your phone number?

8. What is your email address?
I look forward to your transformation!


Tammy Dowling

Life Coach Specialist