Super Second Grade News

"Walk in Faith with Mercy and Grace"

Week of April 4- April 8, 2016

Hello Parents,

Hope you all had a wonderful and joyous Easter! I hope you were able to enjoy some quality time with family and friends over the break. It is pretty crazy to think that it is already April and the school year is almost coming to a close. There are many fun things coming up in Second grade, so be sure to read the newsletter for the latest updates.

Hopefully you were all able to send your Flat Stanley/ Stella over the break or take it with you somewhere. The Flat Stanley/Stella project is due next week 4/11-4/15. We will be presenting the projects as they come in. Your pictures can be put on a poster board, put into an album, power point, or even made into a movie. Please make sure your child is knowledgable of the locations their Flat Stanley/Stella visited so they can present it to the class.

On Wednesday April 6, we will be going on a field trip called Inside the Outdoors at Santiago Oaks. The children will be learning more about ecosystems and habitats in the wild. Please have your child bring a sack lunch, we will be eating at the field trip. Your child may also wear jeans and a school spirit shirt. They can also wear hats and please make sure they wear sunscreen as we will be outdoors the entire morning. Please also have them bring a jacket just in case. It's supposed to cool off by Wednesday.

There is also an important First Eucharist parent meeting Wednesday April 6 at 7pm in hall B of the parish center. At this meeting you will be receiving more information on your child's First Eucharist and other events that will be coming up.

Thank you for all your support!


Miss Ekno and Mrs. Brown

Weekly Events

Wednesday: Field trip-jeans and spirit shirt; First Eucharist Parent meeting at 7pm

Friday: Assembly at 8:05; Free dress if donate an item to the infant supply

A Flash About Our Week


  • Reading: Dex the Heart of a Hero-assessment Friday
  • Small group reading: Diary of a Spider
  • Read 10 minutes each night
  • Daily 5 practice- read to self, listen to reading, read to someone, word work, and work on writing. We will be doing this in the class to increase our Language Arts practice.
  • working on time measurement
  • Unit 24 Assessment-Friday

Social Studies:

  • Flat Stanley/Stella project
  • Beginning Family Unit


  • Ecosystems and habitats


  • Beginning Family Life- look at parent connection

Weekly Words to the Rescue!

Unit 24 List

1. happen

2. pepper

3. kitten

4. sudden

5. dinner

6. cotton

7. mitten

8. bottom

9. summer

10. better

11. ladder

12. ribbon

13. We often have chicken for supper.

14. Mail the letter at the post office.

15. My piano lesson lasts one hour.

Small Group

1. cake

2. plate

3. grape

4. race

5. gave

6. mine

7. ate

8. prize

9. line

10. bike

11. I like to ride my bike.

12. She won the race.

Story Vocabulary

gazing- looking at something fondly

hero- someone who is looked up to for doing something important or brave

sprang- jumped up quickly or moved quickly

exercise- activity that moves the body

sore- a feeling of pain or discomfort

studied- learned about a subject

depended- counted on; relied on

overlooked- didn't see; not noticed; looked past

Miss Ekno

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. If you would like to set up an appointment with me, I am available after school from 3:15-4:00pm.