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April 3, 2020

Spring Break

Spring Break will be from April 6-13. We hope that your children will enjoy some time off to spend with family!

While we are encouraging family time and rest over spring break, if you would like your child to do anything academic, consider...

  • Having them read independently, or reading with them, for 20 minutes daily
  • Students can access books online using Raz Kids or Epic!
  • Students can access reading or math activities online using Freckle

Round 2 of eLearning

April 14-15: Teacher planning days

April 16: Paper packet pick-up at GHES from 7-10 a.m.

April 17: Paper packet pick-up at GHES from 2-4 p.m.

April 16 - May 1: Round 2 of eLearning

We are planning for the second round of eLearning. Our goal is to provide assignments and material and keep it as simple as possible.

The second round of eLearning will not be district based. We will be working within our teams at school, therefore the lesson plans will be specific to GHES, more streamlined, and the links more readily available.

Tech or No Tech...That is the Question!

  • For students completing assignments using technology...Teachers are working together to provide a more simplistic document for those utilizing technology.

  • For students who have access to technology at home, but prefer completing work on paper...If you have printing capabilities at home, you will be able to print the resources for your student. If you have technology access and the ability to print, we ask that you print the new resources from home once the links are shared.

  • You are eligible to pick up a paper packet if...Families that do not have technology and printing capabilities will be our priority for paper packets.

  • How will you know if you are able to pick up a paper packet?...Families who will be receiving a paper packet will get an email from the school indicating that a packet is ready for them to pick up on the 16th or 17th. If you do not receive an email, that means we will not have a packet for you. Due to the school being closed to the public, we will be unable to make additional copies on the packet pick up days.
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