Roberto A.

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My Life

My life is quite simple actually! It's any life someone has pretty much. I'll just skip ahead to today, 4-23-2013. First, i'm going to talk a little about when i was young. My mom and dad said that by the time i was 2 i was already walking! and by 2-1/2 i was already learning to read! I skipped preschool and went to kindergarten at around 5 years old, because my mom and dad thought i was ready. Then my lifed started to turn around at age 10. When i was 10 turns out i actually was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had to tak treatment of chemotherapy then radiation. It lasted for maybe 4 or 5 months. Then after that i have been living a very good life. I made a lot of friends a lot of friends are the ones i have even now! I live in a medium sized city in Northeast Nebraska. I go to a Junior High. Anyways, currently my hobbies are playing sport such as Football, Baseball, and Track. I enjoy playing video games, but i don't play a lot. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my family in Friday nights and order a pizza, then eat and watch movies in our home. Another thing i like to do, is to hang out with my friends and have them spend the night. We have lots of fun! I love going to the movie theatre with either my freinds or my family. I love listening to music! But on average, I'm just a normal boy with a life everyone has! I like to have a lot of fun!

Important Things About Me

1: I am actually the youngest child in my family!

2: I had cancer when i was 10!

3: I have been to the Bahamas before!