New York's Messenger


Greenwich Village, New York 1954

In a big city like New York a lot goes on, a lot to observe. Everyone is to busy living there own lives and can careless about other people beside family. August 1,1954 a man name L.B "Jeff" stayed at home all day and night because he had his left leg wounded. sitting in front of the window 24/7 helped solved a murder case. After hearing his neighbors Lars Thorwald and his wife Emma Thorwald arguing about a call Mr.Thorwald had gotten .That same night a loud scream from a female was vibrating everyone's windows.Jeff still sitting in front of the window Jeff saw Mr. Thorwald leave his apartment at least three to four times that night. Jeff not knowing what to think. On July 29 , 1954 , two days after watching his neighbor Mr.Thorwald carefully he discovered that Mr.Thorwalds wife Mrs.Thorwald was no where to be seen. Jeff didn't know what to think still until a couple of men came over to Mr.Thorwalds apartment to take away a huge treasure chest that Mr.Thorwald had sitting on his bed. Jeff hurried up and called a friend of his that's a investigator named Thomas . Thomas told Jeff he cant do nothing without evidence and walked out on Jeff. Jeff then got too his girlfriend Liza. Liza didn't believe Jeff at first but then she saw for her self the next day July 30, 1954 another woman was screaming out her window, everybody from the neighborhood came out to see what happen. The lady screaming with such anger and hurt found her Yorkie pup dead. One thing Jeff notice at that moment that everybody was out of there apartment looking at what happen but there was one window light off which was Mr. Thorwalds. Jeff thought back to when he saw the Yorkie dog sniffing around in the garden which where the Yorkie pup was found. Jeff , Liza and Jeff's nurse Stella came up with a plan, they needed to get Mr.Thorwald out his apartment for at least fifteen minutes. Jeff wrote a letter saying "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER" Liza then took the note to Mr.Thorwalds apartment door, when Liza returned Jeff then called Mr. Thorwalds telephone asking "did you get the note?" Jeff told Mr.Thorwald to meet him at a local bar as soon as Mr.Thorwald hung up the phone he took off to the local bar to meet up with "Jeff". As soon as Jeff sees Mr.Thorwald leave Jeff sent Liza and Stella to dig up whatever it was in the garden. Liza and Stella found nothing in the garden but Liza did something bizarre. She went up to Mr.Thorwalds apartment and started looking through Mr.Thorwalds belongings to find evidence. Mr.Thorwald came back early then he was supposed to, Jeff called the police as soon as he saw Mr.Thorwald. With the police on there way Liza gets found in Mrs.Thorwalds bedroom. Mr.Thorwald make Liza give back his Belongings just when thing were about to get bad the police come knock at Mr,thorwalds door. Liza gets sent to jail for burglary. Liza went to jail with Mrs.Thorwalds wedding ring.There was just one thing though Mr.Thorwald knew Liza had Mrs.Thorwald wedding ring Mr.Thorwald made his way to Jeff's apartment. With Jeff being injured knowing he cant do nothing to protect him self. Well being a photographer came in handy he grabbed his camera flash bulbs. Finally Mr.Thorwald enter Jeffs apartment , Mr.thorwald asking "what do you want from me?" Jeff gave no answer Mr.Thorwald started walking towards Jeff. Jeff grabbing his camera and bulbs and flashed Mr.Thorwald four times. The flash is so bright it could blinded anybody for a few seconds. Jeff ran out of bulbs and that's when more action happened Mr.Thorwald grabbed Jeff and Started making his way towards the window police came to Jeff's apartment but it was too late Jeff was already on the floor but he was alive. The police arrested Mr.Thorwald and went to jail for murder..

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The female characters in the movie to me are very stereotype. Example like Liza shes always by Jeffs side just like any other female that would be right by the other mates side. she make sacrifices for him. she want to leave to work with Jeff because she knows shes going to miss him. Every woman has moments juts like hers to i would say stereotype. Stella and the dancer are stereotype too the only one i dont think is stereotype is Emma Thorwald because shes a woman sick in bed and her husband has to take care of her when its really supposed to be the other way around. She cant do nothing all day just stay in bed her husband is cheating on her and when she finds out Mr.Thorwald kills her.