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Who is Ann Miller?

Ann Miller is an American born with Irish blood. She have lived in America for more than years going to be 103. Born on August 6, 1911. A centenarian. Published an autobiography/memoir when she was 102. She is shy when the situation calls. Modest, honest, trustworthy and kind. (Hardworker for what she believe is right)

A little about myself- Ann Miller

My name is Martha Ann Miller I am currently 102 year old. I am running for the President of the United States. People think I met all the qualities of a good president. Honest, kind, willing to make good decisions not idiotic ones. Also I am definitely over 35 years old. In these 100 years of my life I have lived through things many of you did not. For example when i was really little I have lived through the Great Depression with my parents and my 2 older brothers. I have witnessed WWII from the beginning to the end. I have lived through the Vietnam War also the killing of JFK. Through out my life I think it was okay personally. I was known for my baking skills when I was a toddler. Attended to a collage with a full scholarship. During those years I set myself a goal of education for all girls and desecrated school. I am now a fellow member of Arlington VA. I was a teacher at the Stradford Program. One of the first schools in Virginia to desegregate. Now is one of the best schools in arlington called H-B woodlawn. I have been working hard for all my life to make that come true. I am devoted to everything I do that I think is important.