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January 9, 2021

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Principal's Message

Rock Nation!

It has been a great week back for the Blue Hawks and it was AWESOME to finally see our kids again after our two week break. We picked up right where we left off in 2020 by having our kids continue to excel in so many areas and lay the foundation of excellence for years to come!

One area that we have continued to work hard on this first semester has been defining who we are as a school and what does it mean to be a Blue Hawk? We've had several meetings with our Campus Leadership Team and Student Leadership Team to answer this very question. With that, I am extremely proud of the above vision statement that we have solidified for our campus. With our Core Values of ICSEEU as our foundation, this is a perfect fit of what we want to strive for as a campus. Our next steps in this process will be outlining the campus mission statement which will be complete in the next few weeks.

As always, I am so PROUD that with everything we do we have done this TOGETHER! And what a testament to our students and staff who have made it a central focus for us to protect our campus unity and celebrate the diversity of our school. Just one of the million reasons why it's ALWAYS great to be a Blue Hawk!!!

Thank you all for your continued support, have a great weekend and GO ROCK!!

Dustin Toth

Principal RHHS

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Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Procedures

When inclement weather is a possibility, Prosper ISD district officials continually monitor weather conditions during the overnight and early morning hours. The district takes several factors into consideration before making a decision to cancel school, delay school, or dismiss school early due to inclement weather. These primary factors include:

  • The health, safety, and welfare of students and staff; and the safe transport of students and staff to school.
  • Teenage drivers on the roads and their safety

Cancellations, Delays, and Early Releases – How Decisions are Made

When inclement weather threatens normal school operations, the following steps are taken:

  1. District officials evaluate the roadways and travel conditions across the district.
  2. The Superintendent consults with Prosper ISD transportation staff and district safety and security personnel.
  3. After taking into account all the information that is received from external and internal sources, the Superintendent will make a decision as early as possible whether to delay or cancel school.

The Communication Process – What Happens Next

When a decision is made to cancel school, delay school, or dismiss school early, the district will notify parents using Blackboard Connected through email, phone, and text notification alerts and the Prosper ISD website will be updated as quickly as possible.

Information about school closures, delays, or early dismissal will also be communicated through the following media, including but not limited to:

  • Prosper ISD Twitter: @ProsperISD
  • Prosper ISD Facebook
  • Prosper Instagram: @prosper_isd
  • Local television stations
  • Local radio stations

Because of the uncertainty of weather conditions, we ask that parents and staff monitor local media, the Prosper ISD website, and email before heading to school or sending children to the bus stop. An important rule of thumb to note is, if there is no announcement from Prosper ISD, then classes will be held on a normal schedule.

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Message from Nurse Warren

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Tips for Staying Healthy at School

10/22***Please see the new announcement from Dr. Bradley on the adjustment on the PISD definition of a close contact at school.

Avoid close contact with anyone- close contact = closer than 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) for more than 15 minutes. We make allowances at school for people wearing masks- but still please keep your distance- 3 feet minimum to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

*Tip-- If you can reach you arm out fully extended and touch the other person- you are too close.

Wear your mask at all times in public- covering your nose and mouth fully

Avoid touching your mask, face, mouth, nose and eyes

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands

Please stay home when you are sick!

Please check the Daily online self-screener before coming to school or any PISD activities- if you answer yes to any of the questions, please stay home and respond to the screener. Click Rock Hill, answer the questions and submit. I will call you and discuss before you can come to campus.

After Hours Reporting for Potential Threat to Self

What happens if a staff member or student learns that a student might be suicidal after school hours, on the weekend, or during a holiday?

If immediate help is needed, call 911.

Students should make a report to tip411. After the report has been made, they should follow up with the Hope Squad Advisor (if the student is in Hope Squad).

Staff should also make a report to tip411. Once a report has been made, staff should notify campus principal (or AP) letting them know that a report has been made.

Option 1

Download the Prosper ISD App. Click on Tip411. Enter tip. You will receive a message back through the app once the message is received.

Option 2

Option 3

See the picture below

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Virtual Open House

We are very excited to announce our Virtual Open House! The goal of our Virtual Open House is to allow families the opportunity to hear from teachers about the classroom set up, present basic information regarding grading policies and get to know your child's teacher a little more.

You may access the site here. It is organized by subject area and each teacher's name is listed with a link to their presentation. The subjects are listed at the very top of the site. We hope you enjoy the presentations our teacher have put together!

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The Blue Hawk yearbook is the must-have piece of Rock Hill High School inaugural history. Visit and search Rock Hill High School, Frisco, TX to order.

Upcoming Events

January 11 Girls Varsity Powerlifting @ Van Alstyne HS - 5:00 PM

January 12 Boys & Girls Basketball @ Sherman HS - 4:30 PM

January 12 Boys JV & V Soccer @ Clark East Stadium - 5:30 PM

January 12 Girls JV & V Soccer @ Lake Dallas HS - 5:30 PM

January 13 Girls & Boys Varsity Swim & Dive @ PISD Natatorium - 5:30 PM

January 13 Boys Varsity Basketball @ Denison HS - 5:00 PM

January 14 Girls JV Soccer @ Jackie Hendrix Stadium - 10:15 AM

January 14 Boys Varsity Soccer @ Allen Eagles Stadium - 3:00 PM

January 14 Girls Varsity Soccer @ Colleyville Heritage MS - 3:00 PM

January 14 Boys Varsity Powerlifting @ Van Alstyne HS - 3:00 PM

January 15 Boys & Girls Basketball @ RHHS Arena & Gym 2 - 5:00 PM

January 15 Girls JV Soccer @ Princeton HS - 10:15 AM

January 15 Girls Varsity Soccer @ Colleyville Heritage MS - 3:00 PM

January 15 Boys Varsity Soccer @ Allen Eagles Stadium - 5:00 PM

January 16 Girls JV Soccer @ Princeton HS - 10:15 AM

January 16 Girls Varsity Soccer @ Colleyville Heritage MS - 5:00 PM

January 16 Boys Varsity Soccer @ Allen Eagles Stadium - 3:00 PM

January 18 School Holiday - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day

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Armed Services Education Training & Leadership (ASET-L) Club

The Armed Services Education Training & Leadership (ASET-L) Club had a great turn out for the first meeting. We will continue to meet on Thursdays during soar and are working to add more opportunities after we return to school next year. We welcome all students and look forward to developing a strong honorable club that exemplifies the excellence of Rock Hill BLUE HAWKS.

RHHS Athletics

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Talons Wrestling Club

Talons Wrestling Club is based in North Texas. We focus on developing youth to be outstanding men and women using the sport of wrestling as a tool for teaching self control, discipline, and good sportsmanship. Open to Grades K-8! Contact Coach Huey Huynh ( for more information.
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Counselor's College Corner

Link to our Counselor's College Corner, all the information we have about college visits (virtual), local scholarships, college fairs, and more!

College and Career Center

Monthly Career Industry Spotlight - Every month, your College and Career Counselor from Collin College will highlight a particular career industry, with a new job profiled every week. Hopefully, you will learn about a prospective career that you’ve never even heard of before!

January – Art and Design The dynamic world of art and design provides an array of career opportunities from designing museum exhibits to creating movie animation. The range of art and design careers provides opportunities for just about every creative person. Art and design careers such as graphic designer and interior designer combine creativity with practical skills, whereas a textile designer career relies more on creativity.

Just about every sector needs people with art and design degrees for rewarding niche roles. People with art and design careers use their creative skills to communicate their client's message. The art and design sector can be quite competitive, with technical skills increasingly important for many art and design jobs. Freelance artists who sell their own artwork benefit from more artistic freedom, flexible scheduling and the ability to select their projects. They have to manage their finances, marketing and public relations.

Week 1 Set and Exhibit Designers An exhibit designer is someone who creates displays and fixtures for large exhibitions, shows, businesses, museums, libraries, and galleries. They are specially trained in the art of layout and design, and may work exclusively for a museum, gallery, or a private firm. Designers are responsible for an exhibit from start to finish, and will work closely with many people, including the client, other team members, contractors, and suppliers. The end result is a beautiful exhibit at a venue for all to enjoy.

January Career Spotlight Week 2 Craft Artists and Artisans

This week we are going to explore the jobs we typically think of when we hear the term “Artist” – painters, sculptors, potters, and other craft artists use their creativity to bring their visions to life. These artisans need vision, drive, commitment, and a strong independent streak to have the discipline to push themselves to make it in a competitive market.

Do you love working with your hands? Are you artistically inclined? You may want to consider becoming a craft artist! A craft artist uses a variety of materials and techniques to create art for sale and exhibition. They create handmade objects such as pottery, glassware, textiles, or other objects that can be designed to be either functional or to have aesthetic value only. Click the link below for more information!


Alicia Schulze, College and Career Counselor

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Hawks Helping Hawks

It has been the goal of the counseling office to have a food pantry for students in need to have a place to come where they can get food for the evening, weekend, etc. Thanks to the donations coming in from the athletic department, we are ready to start advertising this to our kids.

Students can request assistance by completing the QR code form or by coming to see the counselor directly. Also, we know that teachers see a lot more than we do, so if you see a need please let us know and we can talk to the student.

We also have a few winter coats and school supplies that we can assist with in addition to the nonperishable food items students can take home.

The intent behind the pantry is that we help for a need when they are not in school. If a student is needing lunch or breakfast assistance, we can still get them help with that, but it would not come from the food pantry.

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Have Questions About College? Ask ADVi!

ADVi is a chatbot who can answer your questions about attending public
colleges and universities in Texas. ADVi, short for “adviser”, is free for
Rock Hill HS students and can answer your questions 24/7/365. To
start a chat with ADVi, just text "college" to 512-829-3687.

You can ask ADVi anything – no question is too silly or too hard! You can
ask questions like: What is ApplyTexas? How long does the FAFSA take?
What is the TASFA? Where can I look for scholarships?

ADVi was created by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and
is made possible through a partnership with AdmitHub. Learn more at
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Coming Soon: Prosper Education Foundation (PEF) Scholarship Application

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Class of 2021 Graduation Information

It's time to place your Graduation order! This year, Jostens has gone totally virtual: all orders will be placed online.

Visit to shop "Rock Hill High School" in Frisco, TX.

If you have any questions, please contact Jostens directly at 1-800-567-8367 or if you would like to make an appointment at the Jostens store in Allen, please call 214-383-9502 to schedule.

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Place Your Graduation Order Using the Following Link:

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What is PISD Graduation Celebration?

Over 14 years ago, a group of Prosper High School parent volunteers created a non-profit, PHS – Project Graduation. The goal was to follow the national charter, which promotes drug and alcohol alternatives for students on the night of their high school graduation. The event was typically at a venue in Frisco, started at 11pm on the night of graduation, and concluded at 5am the following morning. Tickets were sold for the event to cover both the cost of the venue and to purchase prizes for the seniors. Ticket prices have varied over the years from $50 to $150, depending on the class size and the price of the venue.

With the addition of a second high school and the growth of Prosper ISD, the name and vision of Project Graduation had to evolve. Moving forward, Project Graduation will be called Prosper ISD Graduation Celebration. The focus will be to educate students on the dangers of drug and alcohol use while creating an event for all PISD seniors.

Graduation Celebration will be held on May 19 at the Children’s Health Stadium, 6 – 10pm. The event will be FREE to all PISD seniors. In order for this to be a memorable celebration for the 1,011 seniors in PISD, we need to raise $100,000. We will also be accepting in kind donations as we get closer to the event. There are many opportunities to volunteer, as a senior parent, business owner, or community member.

Information regarding the Celebration will be updated for both PHS and RHHS via the 2021 Senior pages on the ISD website, the Parent Facebook pages, Principal Newsletters and the PISD Express. Feel free to reach out to any board member of the Prosper ISD Graduation Celebration. Together we can make a special memory for the PISD seniors!

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Parent and Guardians,

We are so excited to be a part of the opening of Rock Hill High School and laying the foundation for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). July started with a great boost with an amazing membership drive. As parents and guardians, we believe that we all have similar goals. We want our children and the students attending Rock Hill to laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and to feel the support of those around them. PTO is here with the students and teachers in mind. Every decision PTO makes is with the focus of each and every student and teacher. We encourage you to join the PTO and stay connected with all upcoming PTO sponsored events.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to use via email at

More information on how the PTO benefits the students and staff.

Like us on Facebook at Rock Hill High School PTO

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