Crow Agency Public School

Feb 15th - Feb 20th, 2016

Achieving Our Dreams through Education

I hope you had a good weekend and got some needed rest. Please read chapters 1, 2, & 3 of our Conscious Discipline book. This Friday we will discuss what we have read and what you liked or didn't like as well as what ideas you have tried and how that went in the classroom.

Thank you all so much for your effort and hard work. I want to especially thank you for your high expectations for student learning and behavior, our kids deserve high expectations as well as a path to meet those expectations.

I have included some video's by writer and psychologist Daniel Goleman who has written many books on motivation and focus. If you have time take a peek as they are interesting and worthwhile. The first video overlaps with many of the things we have been learning about. The others are about focus and attention.

I know I share a lot of resources and information in these weekly newsletters and I don't expect you to read every one of them or watch all of them, but I do hope you connect you to information and spark some interest in you to continually learn and grow. Learning is the work.

Carolyn Keeton our Reading Consultant will be onsite for three days this week and may be walking by your classroom. She will be helping us prepare for next year and helping us examine data.

President's Day for kids (Presidential Fun Facts) Educational Videos for Students Cartoon Network

This week at a glance

Mon. Feb. 15

President's Day

Carolyn Keeton On Site

Tue. Feb 16

Carolyn Keeton On Site

2:30 pm - MSRP Leadership Meeting

Wed. Feb 17

Carolyn Keeton On Site

Guardians of the Living Water after school

Thur. Feb 19

Just another wonderful day at Crow School!

Fri. Feb 20

2:15 pm - Staff Meeting and book study.

Cleaning Outcomes Assessment Survey

Please take this survey. I promise it is very short, and it has room for you to leave your comments. It is a survey to help us keep our building clean and enhance it's image. Feel free to share with with any parents or other community members who are interested in helping us improve. I have also emailed it to you. You do not have to take it twice.

Daniel Goleman: The Emotional Atmosphere of a Classroom Matters
Daniel Goleman: Distraction is the New Normal
Daniel Goleman: Attention is Like a Muscle
Daniel Goleman: Three Kinds of Focus

Video Reflections

If you did not get your video reflection done, let's get it in right away.

Length: 10-30 Min. (If it does not meet this minimum you will need to do it again).

Utilize the Swivel technology.

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