Difference Between the 1st and 3rd


Similarities and Differences between the 1st and 3rd Quarter Moon Phase

There are some similarites. During both of these phases, you can only see 50% of the light, but not on the same side, both phases occur between the cresents and the gibbous', and both occur in the middle of each waxing phase and each waning phase. The difference between the two are that the light of the 1st quarter is on the right half of the moon, and the 3rd quarter's light is on the left side.

The reason is because:

-The 1st quarter is in the "waxing" phase, which means "increasing in light"

-The 3rd Quarter is in the "waning" phase which means "decreasing in light"

Are Moon Phases different from people on Earth to people in Space?

The answer is yes, because if you were an astronaut and you were on the ISS (International Space Station) and you were looking at the moon, you could see the moon a lot easier. The reason is because you are much closer to the moon than people on Earth, so in conclusion, the moon phases are different from the surface of Earth than in space.

In some opinions the answer is no because as you are on Earth you can see lets say a full moon. The People on the ISS can see a full moon as well because the ISS is between Earth and the ISS. The ISS is 400km away from Earth while the moon is 380,000km away. I don't think 400km is a big difference to that.

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How to figure out Waxing/ Waning

Waxing phases means "getting gradually bigger". It begins from the new moon, in which you cannot see any light. from that point it will grow in light from the right side over the next couple weeks until it is a full moon.

Waning phases begin with the "full moon" which has 100% light visible. Waning means "gradually getting smaller". As the light would begin on the right in waxing phases, light fades from the right in the waning phases. Only until it goes back into a new moon over the next two weeks.