Ten Things About Me

1. I love my family

2. I love Mexico

3. I like tacos

4. I have 4 brothers

5. Summer is my favorite season

6. I like staying at my family's ranch

7. I broke my left hand

8. I'm so energetic around my friends & family

9. I know how to cook

10. I'm a shy gril during school

My Most Embarrassing Moment

A couple years ago, my family went to a lake in Michoacan called "Ziraguen" we rent a launch to takes us to the other side, but I have a panic attack, because my fear of water, so I start crying, and weren't the only ones in the launch so some people saw me crying.

Additional Photographs

Strange Questions I Have Been Asked

1. Where's my IFE ID (mexican ID)?

2. Did you went to different psychologist 'cause a mental problem?

3. Have you ever eaten a bug?