CHS Stealing

Someone has to stop it!

What's Happening?

Stealing is a problem in CHS that has had a negative affect on the students over the years.

8 out of 10 people admitted to have seen someone steal in CHS, yet the problem remains a plague to our community. Anyone can become a victim, from delinquents to straight-A students. These victims experience grief for their lost possessions like no other.

how extreme?

When given the opportunity, 65% of students will steal money on the ground when they're alone.

62.5% of students agree that CHS needs a solution to the stealing problem

60% of students that witness someone steal money would just keep walking on

65% of students admitted that they stole something that they shouldn't have

Only 25% of students would try to find the rightful owner of the money on the ground

Do something about it! Steps to stop stealing

Acknowledge that there is a problem. Don't purposely ignore the stealing situation!

Make the problem known to everyone. Tell others about the stealing problem at CHS!

Set an example. If you see someone steal, do something about it. Whether you're turning them in or writing down their name, don't just let it go!

Be prepared to give consequences to those who steal. Those who steal don't deserve to get away with it!