Crowdsource a PBL Resource!

SCC Innovation Team Meet-Up at Riverview East High School

Let's get this project started!

At our meeting in October, we decided PBL will be the focus of our first collaborative project. Using a design thinking process, we will shape a clear end goal, then begin to develop our plan. The design process will help us to thoughtfully plan for a product others will want to use, and by going through this process ourselves, we will learn about the design thinking process and consider how we might apply it in our work and personal lives.

Crowdsource a PBL Resource

Monday, Nov. 24th, 4-6pm

6373 King Rd

Marine City, MI

Directions to Riverview East High School:

Turn on Ward Street off of King Road

Park in large lot behind Marine City High School

You will see a sign for the school and their vertical garden on the wall

Walk through the alley and around back to the main entrance

Art room is immediately to your right - Room 412

The Plan

4:00-4:15 What's new? and NovaNow update
4:15-5:00 Project plan
5:00-5:45 Design thinking process: Discovery
5:45-6:00 Debrief and plan next meeting(s)