Student-Led Conferences

Farrell Chatelain

Effort in class

English 10/10

Geography 9/10

Math 8/10

Science 8/10

French 8/10

Effort outside of class

English 8.5/10

Geography 10/10

Math 7/10

Science 8/10

French 6/10


I believe that in math and French I lacked the effort and drive to study frequently and had little to no interest in what I was working on, so it led me to develop a poor study habit for those classes and have recently changed them.

I have been working well in geography because I am very interested. Since we have begun memory maps, the rest of the classes that I have mentioned have been getting less study time than I should allow.

Some things I am proud of/disappointed in

What I am Planning on Doing

I plan on making a calendar with all of my study schedule for the week and keep it balanced enough for all of my free activities and keep up good grades and my level of engagement. I also will dedicate a little more time to the 2 subjects I have done the worst on.

My final grades

English B-

Geography B-

Math C

Science B

French C

Grade reflection

- English: I believe that I worked hard in English but lacked quality on some tests and that resulted in a low grade that couldn't be fixed by the tests I did well on.

- Geography: I have been working hard in this class and have paid attention to the big tests and the general ideas. During the middle of the trimester I started to skim over the little details that completed the big ideas just like in English and that hurt my productivity.

- Math: I lacked focus and respect in this class and ended up getting a reality check which showed me how I must perform and behave to get my B or A that I am currently working on achieving.

- Science: I don't have much to say about this class, I completed all my homework and did well during in-class activities. What I need to do is focus more on test and quiz prep.

- French: I feel in this class I attempted to put a new foot forward and do better than I did last year but failed. I completed most of my homework but prepared in a un-reasonable fashion for my tests and only went to extra help once.


- I don't have any individual goals but I can say that I WILL GET at least B's in math and French and A's in all other subjects.

- In science, English, and geography I will guarantee all A's.

- I will master my grammar skills in English and make sure I know all science vocabulary terms as well.

- When I attend my high school, I hope to get all A's and be in the honors classes that I know I am capable of achieving.