Global warming is a very big issue and it is a fact that every day 70 million tons of carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere.Global warming has many effects in our environment but before coming to the solutions we should know the cause of global warming.Global warming is caused by the increase in the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the air.
Global warming can be reduced by planting more trees that absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and release oxygen decreasing the level of global warming. Car sharing and cycling should also be promoted which reduces the emissions of toxic gases.The best idea in decreasing global warming is also the usage of solar energy and windmills which promotes no toxic gases.

In everyday life, we should try to turn off the lights whenever it is not needed , which will decrease the burning of coal and fuels used to produce the electricity. The reduction in deforestation and the burning of coal and fuel can reduce great amount of global warming.Global warming can affect almost everyone and anything on this planet. Just small changes in everyone’s life can reduce the dangerous emissions to our environment.