Saxe Library Media Center 2016

Beginning of the Year Notes on Learning Resources...

The entire staff in the ICT department look forward to servicing your learning resource needs for the upcoming school year! Our services are in full operation.

Media center facilities are centers for learning. These centers encourage the exploration of ideas and provide information, technology and literature resources which support curriculum and promote collaboration and communication.

In an effort to provide opportunities for all students and staff to use our media center efficiently, we ask that you take a few moments to review the suggested tips and guidelines below.

TIP #1: Bookmark the Saxe Library Media Center Online Homepage!

We recommend you bookmark the library media center learning resources home page located at:

Access to many resources for students and staff are located at this central site.

Take a moment to view the navigational tabs at the top of the home page.

For example, there are many links under the navigational TEACHER TAB on the library homepage that may assist you this year. Furthermore, we suggest every teacher link this library home page off their team homework website for students. This will allow easy access to resources like Destiny and databases.

TIP # 2: Keep our phone extensions handy and please feel free to call us anytime.

Library Office ext. 4532

Library Main Circulation/Checkout Desk Sue or Ronnie: ext. 4529

Mona Biondi ext. 4566

Monica Sheehan ext. 4530

George Petrakopoulos/Clint McLeod: Technology Integration x 4531

Mary Ann Becraft (2nd Floor) Library aide x 5302

Learning Center (2nd Floor) Kathleen Hoefer x 4597 and Katherine Michael x 4593
Jeanne Siani x4525


WHERE IS ROOM 214? Did you know that Lab B is now classroom 214?

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Christina Fulco, grade 6 social studies teacher, has her classroom in room 214 (old Lab B)!

Clint McLeod and Mary Ann Becraft are now located on the second floor mezzanine area.

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Mary Ann is located to the left of the color printer.

George Petrakopoulos, our new technology integration specialist (Mr. P), has a desk on the first floor of the library office.

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Saxe Library Now Houses the District Collection of Print Professional Learning Titles

See a list of 352 titles the district owns here. With TEPL reflections due soon, you may find a helpful title!
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Professional Titles Now Purchased in eBooks!

For example, see the title on restorative discipline below, available through Destiny!

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TIP #3: Don't Miss These Resource Links for Teachers & Staff!

TIP #4: Use Student Databases..."the new textbooks and the sandbox for inquiry."

Joyce Valenza, information literacy pioneer and Director of the Masters Program & Assistant Teaching Professor of the Library and Information Science at Rutgers University, calls databases, "the new textbooks and the sandbox for inquiry.”

Databases are an important tool for credible, accurate information seeking. We can assist you in learning how to use these important tools to aide your students~just contact us!

Use this link to assign databases to students. Passcodes are available to NCPS students and staff on top of this webpage from home. Direct students to log into GoogleDocs first, then click on the sentence on top that states, "HELP! Don't have the pass codes? Log onto GoogleDocs, then click here!"

NEW! Lightbox Interactive eBooks

Digital Interactive Non-Fiction Books~ The library is purchasing more titles and would love to collaborate and support teachers in the classroom in rolling these titles out to students.

Features include:

  • Unlimited Access to every title-Students in all classes can access one title simultaneously through Destiny at school or at home.
  • Integration of video, audio, worksheets, slideshows, transparencies, quizzes and other interactive features
  • Audio: High-quality narration using an advanced text-to-speech system to boost student comprehension
  • Video: Embedded high-definition video clips to make learning come alive
  • Activities: Printable PDFs that can be emailed and graded, ideal for assessing student progress
  • Weblinks: Carefully curated links to external, child-safe resources to enhance learning
  • Slideshows: Pictorial overviews of key concepts to engage and inspire visual learners
  • Google Maps: Interactive maps and satellite imagery to provide context
  • Quizzes: Multiple choice assessments that are automatically graded and emailed for teacher review
  • Key Words: Highlighted important terms matched with their definitions to enhance vocabulary and understanding
  • Improvement of comprehension, vocabulary, literacy development and engagement
  • Works on any device or course management system
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F.Y.I. ~Library Media Center Data Point Snapshots From Last Year~


The library checked out over 17,000 items by students alone last year. Also, our non-fiction e-Book circulation continues to rise from year to year!
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Additional Services...

The library gave out over to 5,000 passes for recess in grades 5 through 8 last year, and we have over a hundred students on average after school per month.
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The snippets of data above show our center is a busy place!

Therefore, we could really use your help in committing to the following guidelines. Collective cooperation on the items below will help to ensure that our center runs smoothly and efficiently for our school-wide learning community.

-Always send student(s) with a PASS.

(This will help communicate to all staff in media center that students have permission from you to be there. Also, we can take over in the event of an unforeseen emergency.)

-TWO students maximum sent at ONE time. This is especially important during workshop periods!

(If you need to send more than two students, then please wait until the first two come back, OR call the media center at ext. 4532 to ask if we can accommodate more than two students, OR reserve the time and physically bring all your students together into the center.)

-Students should have a direct TASK and designated return time.

(Example: Your student needs to find a book. In your classroom, direct your student to log onto their Destiny Quest account and record the title of the book, so that he/she can quickly come and check this book out.)

-Students must be able to work INDEPENDENTLY.

(If students cannot work independently, they should be sent with a staff member OR the library office should be called at ext. 4532 to ask if anyone is available to assist the students.)

GENERAL rules that always apply for ALL students:

-Set voice volume to low.

-No food (due to food allergies), drinks, hats, backpacks.

-Sign in to use a computer.
**Computers are for school work only.

-Anyone unfocused will be asked to return to class.


LIBRARY instead of RECESS:

We have 15-20 library passes to give for each grade level daily.

Students opting to come to the library instead of recess must come to the library for a special pass from our staff. Students can get this pass before school or during class periods to get a pass to opt out of recess and study.
Students must eat their lunch first, show their library assigned pass at the cafeteria door, get their name checked off the master list, and come to the media center to stay the entire period to independently work. Please remind students that attending is a privilege and that the media center expects students to follow all guidelines and expectations.

Lastly, if you have a group of students assigned to work on a special project and would like to supervise these students in the library/lab during lunch; just contact one of us to reserve a space.


The library is opened after school for student independent work. Furthermore, the library can be a place for teachers who would like to meet and work with their students after school in a more central location. No pass is needed. All students without a teacher will need to sign in and out.

The hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, until 3:30

Thursday & Friday until 3:00

For your convenience, a laminated classroom sign of these guidelines will be printed and placed in your mailbox for effortless classroom bulletin board posting!

Literacy Promotion & Library Recommended Free Reading Carts

In grades 5 & 6, we encourage all students to read as many titles on the Battle of the Books cart. In grades 7 and 8, students are encouraged to access free reading titles on the grade recommended reading carts. This year we are encouraging grade 7 students to read all 10 Teen Nutmeg Books in order to take part in the Connecticut State Nutmeg voting in May. Teen titles may be accessed here. Please note that the teen titles contain mature teen content.

Download the Updated Grade Level Lists on the Saxe Library Homepage!

View an info-graphic summary of updated titles to all our grade level 2016-17 reading lists.

All books can be found on the grade level carts on the first floor of the library. (See photo) Each grade level has at least 100 books for free reading suggestions.

Thanks for all your support! Best wishes for a great year.

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Save the Dates!

The library will be sponsoring and/or supporting the following events this year. Please mark you calendars.

OCTOBER 19: Author Visit to Saxe Nadia Hashimi

OCTOBER 25, 26, 27: PTC School-wide Book Fair

NOVEMBER 7: Mock Election

NOVEMBER 11: Veterans Day

MAY 1: Grade 7 Nutmeg State Voting

JUNE: Grade 5 & 6 Battle of the Books!

~Transforming information...into learning...into knowledge...into understanding~