iPhone 7

The future of Apple


After the iPhone 6, Apple carried on with a new project, the iPhone 7.

The new mobile phone is going to be diferent although they want to make its size like the iPhone 4. The last dessing won't have that grey lines as the others iPhones, Apple will use new materials for make the screen and they want incorporate 3D Touch in it. They also want to include the double camera system that catches images in DSLR quality and the operating system iOS10.

When is going to be in our shops?

There are several probable release dates but is still not known exactly. The most probable date is in September 2016, because the lasts iPhones were already in shops in this month.

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iPhone 7: Trailer


The iPhone 7 will be one of the most important advances of Apple and the last one. It will have many improvements, therefore we should buy it although it will cost much money but it will worth it.