the C.D S.S P.T theory

by ian vanhessche

continental drift theory

Alfred wegener hypothesis that the continents were together and then drifted apart

was not believed by many. Alas,the same freshwater fossils. fossils were found on different continents. if you look at the coastlines of all the continents were joined together at one point.

how did fossilized plants were found in cold weather regions. Even fresh water animal fossils were found in south america.

sea floor spreading thoery

the thoery

harry hess's theory is that the sea floor is spreading because of the rising magma under the sea floor is pushing the continents away from one another causeing them to seperate from each other. Also the sea floor moves under the Continents.

the magma is riseing because the seafloor is breaking away.

plate tectonics theory

Exactly what drives plate tectonics is not known. One theory is that convection within the Earth's mantle pushes the plates, in much the same way that air heated by your body rises upward and is deflected sideways when it reaches the ceiling.
plate tectonics