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Family Guidelines for Taking the Benchmark at Home

What is a Benchmark test, and what is my job at home with the Benchmark?

The Benchmark Test is a series of assessments administered throughout the school year that show evidence of student growth over time. The Benchmark test will come up automatically for your student when it is time for them to begin. Your only real job is to make sure your student logs in and completes it independently. This test takes most students between 20-40 minutes and is best when given with no interruptions. We are proud of the work your student has done this year, and we are excited for this opportunity for them to show how much they have learned!

Helpful Hints While Students Test

Make sure your student is in a quiet place with very few distractions.

You may feel the need to have your student work in the same room as you so that you can control what's going on around them as well as make sure they are staying on-task. Limit the number of noises and people that may enter this area until your child is finished with their session.

Ensure that no one from home is helping your student.

We know this is hard, especially when they may ask you for help. Just remember this benchmark is meant to test their true independent understandings. It is important that your child complete this test without any help from other resources or family members. The program will customize lessons for your student based on their understanding.

Don't worry! Your district simply wants to know how much your student has grown.

This is a big one for parents who may be feeling the pressure of teaching at home. It is OK if they miss questions because this will help the program and your child's teacher know where your child needs the most help to continue to be successful!

How will I know when the test has started/finished?

Start: The test will come up automatically for your student when it is time for them to begin. They should see a screen like the one to the right with Booster the robot, letting them know the test is about to start. There are several subtests as part of the Benchmark, and students will get the green testing screen at the beginning of each test section.

Finish: When students are finished with their test they will go back to their regular lessons. You'll know this because they will get another screen with Booster the robot telling them they have finished the test.

Note: Depending on how long your student's session time is, they may get automatically logged out at the end of their set time, before the Benchmark is complete. That is OK! If the program logs them out in the middle of the test, it will start the next session where your student left off in their Benchmark.

What if I need technical help or have a question?

If you have questions or need help, feel free to reach out directly to Imagine Learning’s Customer Care Team. We have agents available to help in English and Spanish from 8am-8pm ET.