Board Meeting Summary

Glen Ellyn School District 41

February 8, 2021 Board Meeting

The Board of Education provides a "Board Meeting Summary" after each Board meeting. The summary includes a brief description of the main topics and action items. These summaries are not meant to replace minutes. The minutes for each meeting are approved and posted after the next regularly scheduled meeting. We hope these summaries provide some basic information and context around the reports, presentations and action items. For the full packet of information including presentations and reports, Click Here
NOTE: In the interest of safety for Board and staff members, as well as the school community, the meeting format was adjusted. Due to current Executive Order requirements social distancing guidelines were in effect.
Meetings are video streamed live online and the videos are archived on the District website, Click Here.

In Attendance

President Robert Bruno, Vice President Jason Loebach, Secretary Jessica Buttimer, Bruce Currie, Ted Estes, Guillermo Guzman, Julie Hill

Public Participation | watch

Recognition | watch

Superintendent Kaczkowski announced the Chamber of Commerce Community Awards District 41 Educator of the Year, Forest Glen first grade teacher Mrs. Rebecca VanDyke. Forest Glen Principal Scott Klespitz shared why Mrs. VanDyke is deserving of the honor and Mrs. VanDyke thanked the district community, her families and her students throughout the years. To watch a short video of Mrs. VanDyke reacting to the announcement CLICK HERE.

Approval of Professional Services Contract with Salinas Educational Services: School Psychologist | watch

(Voted Yes - Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Currie, Estes, Guzman, Hill)

Approve Job Description | watch

(Voted Yes - Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Guzman, Hill)

(Voted No - Currie)

Approve Board Policy Exhibit Revision | watch

(Voted Yes - Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Guzman, Hill)

(Voted No - Currie)

2020-2021 Return to School Plan Update | watch

Dr. Kaczkowski and Katie Adduci presented about a number of topics related to covid data, vaccinations for staff members, COVID-19 screening and contact tracing, as well as the virtual Board meeting format. In addition, Mrs. Adduci went through the adaptive pause timeline for Abraham Lincoln School. Lincoln School is currently on an all school pause until February 22. Board members asked questions and discussed the data and information presented. Click here for the presentation.

Dr. Kaczkowski also shared what the priorities and focus has been on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as it related to the blended and remote learning models this school year.

Click here for the presentation.

In conclusion she shared that the District is planning for an inclusive school year next year. We do not know yet if a remote option will be mandatory, but she hopes we can accommodate all families and their needs. Next year we hope to have the option to be:

  • Full day

  • Every day

  • All kids

She also explained why we are not proposing to open fully after spring break. The Board members asked questions and discussed the presentation.

Items for Future Agenda | watch

Mr. Currie suggested that the Board put abatement on a future agenda. Board members supported his request. It will be added to the February 22 Board meeting.

Mrs. Buttimer shared that the Board will participate in a shared read. The author of the book will be presenting in the Glenbard Parent Series.


Monday, February 22, 2021 | Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
Monday, March 8, 2021 | Regular Board Workshop Meeting, 7:00 p.m.