Criminal Minds: Killer Profile

Book By: Max Allan Collins

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This book is about a team of FBI Profilers who are investigating a series of murders over a period of two months, murders that are committed seemingly at random. Two people shot in a car, one man killed and stuffed in a barrel, two women buried after strangulation, and a decomposing body hidden in the walls of a church. But what the Profilers found out, is that the killer is copying the crimes of other serial killers. So after that the murderer kills another person, dressing up as a woman, luring a man to a deserted hotel and shooting him. It was after that murder, that the agents realized that the killer was copying other killers that were stated in a book, following chapters in the book. So the FBI people go one chapter ahead and capture the killer in the act of a murder.
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"Imitation, is the sincerest form of plagiarism."- Oscar Levant


I chose this book because I enjoy murder mysteries.

My favorite part...

My favorite part of the book was when I figured out who the killer was before the FBI agents did.

In my opinion...

In my opinion the book was a great read, and I enjoyed the tension and mystery in the story.

Reasons I liked and disliked the book

Ways I like the book: It had a lot of tension and suspense to it, along with great Imagery.

Ways I disliked the book: Killer is too easily identified by me, and maybe others.

I would suggest this book to readers ages 12 and up.

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I rate this book four and a half stars

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