Democracy:The best government

Democracy is the best type of government for you and me.

One way Democracy is the best government is because you chose your leaders.

It is a great privilege to choose your leaders. In a monarchy you don't get to choose your leader it just gets passed down from generation to generation. In a democracy you get to vote on a new leader a lot so you will always find a candidate you like. Some might be wondering how this is different from communism. In a communistic country you do not get to chose a leader or run for office. There are also no political parties so you can't voice your opinion.

In a democracy you may also run for office and be apart of your government.

If you don't think voting gives you enough power you can run for office. In other governments like anarchy there are no leaders which can mean craziness. Running for office is a great way to get involved in the community and the people around you. In a dictatorship only one person has control and that control is gained by force. In a democracy if you win the people will like you because they voted for you. This is just another way democracy is better then all others.

Some of the most known political members.

Democracy is guaranteed to be the best government for you.

common misconceptions about a democracy.

One common question is, "how is a democracy better in a communistic country everybody is the same?" That may be true but no communistic government is perfect and it is said that leaders take things for themselves. Another common sentence heard is that "anarchy is the best you have no leaders." This could be true but with no leaders there could be a lot of war and fighting. Also there are natural born leaders who just take over anyway. One more common thing people say is "In a democracy we do not really get to voice your opinion." In a democracy you do get to voice your opinion by running for office or voting. This is why a democracy is the best government for you.