Ultra Sound Technician

It's all about what's inside!

What is an Ultra Sound Technician & what is our work environment?

An ultra sound technician helps you to see and examine the inner organs of the body. This job requires a lot of strength in the sense that you may see things that are hard to deal with. In this job you not only deal with baby's but things involving your stomach or liver for anything that may be abnormal or wrong. The work environment for this job can be in any medical facility. For the most part you will either work in a Hospital or a Medical Clinic.

Steps to becoming an Ultra Sound Technician!

1. Obtain the necessary education (2 year associates degree)

2. Consider Certification (The more certifications you have the better off you will be)

3. Find a job

4. Examine Career Advancement Opportunities

Job Outlook & Pay

The job outlook for this job is great! You are helping people face-to-face everyday see things that the human eye can not. At the end of your long day or week you will for sure feel good about yourself. As far as the pay goes you are looking at around 64,000 a years to start off.

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 8:00-5:00

Saturday- Sunday: Closed