Science Circuit

Because Science Matters: February 2016

Completing the Circuit

Welcome to the monthly LISD Science Curriculum Newsletter! We hope to use this newsletter to provide you with science updates and information on a regular basis. Please let us know what your needs are and how we can continue to improve our communication!


Critter News

Important Critter Reminders:

  • Critter orders for the fourth nine weeks are due March 1st.
  • All critters will be delivered on Wednesdays. Teachers should look on the curriculum website for the link to the critter order form to see the specific dates and which critters are coming.
  • Please be sure to let the office know when to expect critters so that they don't sit in the boxes for days!
  • 5th grade teachers instructing Environments: Pillbugs and elodea will arrive in the same shipment. Teachers need to rinse the elodea with tap water and place in a basin with water.

Things to Remember

Science Module Delivery and Pickup

All third nine weeks science modules will be picked up the week of March 21st. Campuses that have Monday pickups need to have their modules packed and ready prior to leaving for Spring Break. Fourth nine weeks modules (K-4) will be delivered no later than April 4th.

Fifth Grade Modules Special Delivery!

Modules for the fourth nine weeks will be delivered to campuses over Spring Break to allow for instruction to begin on March 21st. This provides 6 full weeks of science instruction prior to the Science STAAR test.

Please be sure to tell 5th grade teachers that they need to pick up their new modules when they return from Spring Break so they are not returned to the Science Materials Center with the third nine weeks modules.


All science assessments are due in AWARE March 24th.

The third grade assessment window is February 24th - March 24th.

The fourth and fifth grade assessment window is March 7th - 24th.

*It is recommended that fifth grade utilize the week of March 7th-11th to complete their assessments in order to begin instruction of the new module on March 21st.

Science In the News

Planet Nine

Do you miss Pluto as our ninth planet? Researchers have found evidence of an object that could be a real ninth planet, based on the newest definition.

Read more here.

Change in Earth's Magnetic Field

Scientists have seen Earth's magnetic field weakening in the last six months. One likely reason for this is that the Earth's magnetic poles are getting ready to flip! Don't worry, the flip won't happen over night and it has happened many times in the past. Every few hundred thousand years, Earth's magnetic poles flip.

Read more here.

Curriculum Support


Soil orders for the fourth nine weeks are due March 4th. An assignment will be sent to Science Teacher Leaders via Google Classroom to complete the count. The quantity of soil delivered to your campus is based on these counts. If a count in not turned in, a full amount of soil is delivered in order for teachers to have access to adequate materials for student learning.

Professional Development

Principals and Instructional Coaches are meeting next week with the curriculum team to discuss Summer Professional Development. Be thinking about the specific needs of your campus and be sure to communicate those needs so we can better support you.

Please continue to let us know your current campus needs. Work with neighboring ICs and campus leaders to coordinate common professional development needs for your teachers.

Science Snippet

Julia's Shadow...

Understanding the relationship between the Sun and Earth and predicting the patterns of change is sometimes difficult for students. As we know, making connections to the real world increases student learning.

Take a moment to look at this snippet and ask yourself and your students some questions.

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you wonder?
  • What is the cause?
  • What is the effect?