Friday River Launch (brief)

June 5, 2020

Distance Learning- Week 11---So Long 2019-2020

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our students and families and to each other. It has been a challenging year. Let's hope next year has fewer storms! Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and REST!

-We welcome science teacher, Micayla Zide to the Rio Norte family! Micayla joins us from Rancho Pico.

-Adam Yassaman will be teaching PE at Rancho Pico next year! We appreciate your service to Rio and wish you the best at Rancho Pico.

-Jim Biehahn has been a faithful Rio Norte campus supervisor for many years! We have appreciated his care for our students and his skills in managing 1,200 junior high students at lunch! Jim will be moving to Utah! His wife has already moved to their house there and he will be joining her shortly! Thank you, Jim! Good luck to you!

-Thank you to Dalbey for covering math for almost the entire year! And thank you to Karina, for jumping in to cover science for the 4th quarter! We wish you both the best!

Congratulations to our department chairs for 2020-2021; thank you for being willing to model service and commitment to Rio Norte students and to your department: Electives-Mindy Moore, English-Julie Schneider, History-Jeanette Kratofill,Math-Nancy James, PE-Darryl Stroh, Science-Lisa James, and Sped-Liz Meddaugh.

Thank you,



We've had a team of ROCK STARS getting everything done the last two weeks! Thank you so much for helping with PE clothes, textbook collection, instrument and art collection, Smoothie distribution, medal and Yearbook distribution...It's been amazing! Thank you Aaron, Carrie, Darryl, Stephanie,Lizzy, Kacey, Allison, Jeanette, Ron, Gina, Christine, Lisa, Jeff, Amanda, Daryl, Alyssa, Sandy, Nita, Julie, Kathy, Jim, Susie, Juan, Bubba, Norma, Dan, and Fran, AND Thomas for having a hand in organizing everything!
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Section Summary reports: For anyone running into the section summary report problem, it has not been fixed. Try to run the report with the DOCX format option and it should work. Infinite Campus has told us this will be fixed over the summer.

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