DC comics

By Christian

Background information

. American comic book publisher.

. Founded in late 1934 by allied publications.

. Key founder was Malcolm wheeler-Nicholson.

. Currently owned by time warner.

. However They don't just make comic books, they produce tv shows and will start next year producing movies on a yearly basis to compete with marvels big movie slate.

Target market

Targets probably an older fanbase compared to marvel due to there content being less kid friendly sometimes.

Fan gatherings

There is a convention every summer in Canada and they go to all the comic-cons yearly
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Future of the company

They are slated to make movies yearly about there characters similar to marvel starting 2016 with batman v superman which puts a lot of pressure on the movie to do well in the box office

Social media

You could reach them on twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


They sell everything from toys to apparel that brings in a lot of revenue

What has created hardcore fans

Similar to marvel, Dc has been around for decades and has had decades full of content including movies, shows and comic books that have stayed faithful to the fans for years.

Arguably there two best characters, batman and superman, have been around since the 1930's so there's not a lot of people who don't know who there are.

What they share with all the other entertainment options.

Like the other entertainment options, they create merchandise and hold conventions to keep fans engaged.