Pre-AP Science

Food Web

Producers:Grass and Flowers

First 3:Mountain Goats,Clemmings,and then Deer

Next 3:Wolverines,Little Bears,and then Yaks

Then the top dawg is...the Fox!

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Carbon Cycle

There are many ways of the Carbon Cycle! Here are a few

*Photosynthesis from plants

*Animals respiration

*Carbon of fossil fuel by decomposed animal and plants

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Energy Pyramid

The Sun Provides 100% of the energy to the environment.

The Plants get 10% percent of the energy.

The First level consumers Get 1% of the energy.

The Second level consumers .01% of the energy.

The Tertiary Consumer .001% of the energy.

The Decomposers .0001% of the energy and break down the animals and waste into the elements.

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Only one picture was used in the making of this project.The rest were made by me because im awesome!

Carbon Cycle:http://www.howtomakeeverything.com/CD3WD/VITA/ENVLSTPR/GIF/04P58.GIF