Individual Interaction Project

By: Emily Taylor

My Circle of Friends:

Proximity: Two of my closest friends are Lauren Atkinson and Emily Gaskins. This is because they live so close to me. In fact, Lauren and I have a gate that connects our backyards together because she lives behind me.

Complementarity: Another reason that I am friends with Lauren Atkinson is because of how different we are. She is edgier than I am and more open to trying new things. Since I am the complete opposite, we both offer different things so our conversations and experiences are never boring. My brother Jack is also a complementarity friend because the discrepancy between our personalities is huge. I am organized and on top of everything and Jack is messy and lazy.

Approval: My best friend would have to be Cassie Weaver because of how uplifting she is. We are very much alike so she knows exactly when I need encouragement. Another one of my friends that is amazing for this is Ashlyn Santos. We have bonded by going to church together and we also are accountability partners in reading the bible so we have learned about each other.

Important Traits in a Friend/ How I Categorize Friends:

When I find a friend, they have/are:


-Easy to get along with

-Fun/ interesting

-Respects me


-different (than me in some way)


-Makes me laugh

How I Categorize My Friends:



-Family Friends






-Wears all black= Goth

-Rich= Conceited

-Wearing glasses=Smart

-A person who doesn't say thank you automatically= Rude

-Model= Dumb

-Large white van= the person driving is dangerous

Most of these stereotypes I have developed from movies and exposure to different situations in school. It's easy to make assumptions of people and think of someone in a way that is different than they actually are before even meeting them. The last one, I was approached by a van when I was little while I was in my front yard and so I've always been taught to be scared by white vans. Therefore, stereotypes typically come from my personal experience or exposure to ways of thinking.

Generational Indentity:

Controversial Topics:

-Gun rights:

My dad's opinion: Everyone should be able to carry around any type of gun no matter who they are.

My opinion: There should be a requirement to being able to have a certain type of gun.


My dad's opinion: The United States should bomb the land until it turns to dust, even though there are good people there.

My opinion: I don't agree, how would digging ourselves deeper into war benefit our country at all? I don't agree with killing an entire population in order to target a small part of the overall population.

I think the reason for these differences is because I am exposed to different things than my das was exposed to as a kid when he was impressionable. I can't ever see my dad being an impressionable person since he is so opinionated but I guess he once was so that would account for the differences and also agreements in our opinions.

Overseas Assistance:

My dad and I agree that the United States should stop sending money overseas to help homeless and poor people when a large portion of our population is homeless. We should not be helping other countries before helping ourselves.