Best Trip of my Life

A Life- Changing Experience

Greece, Italy and France

Early to Late

At 2:30 in the morning, we had to reach the airport to catch our flight at 6:00 AM. When we finally got on the plane, we headed for New York, to have an eight hour layover. With all the anxiety over my head, excitement came to me. I was ready to have the best trip of my life.

"At 2:30 in the morning..."

"The trip flew by so fast..."


We saw the Parthenon, Olympia where the very first Olympics were held. We also went to multiple islands and beaches of Greece.


We went to see the Roman Colosseum, we went to the lost city of Pompeii, and saw Mt. Vesuvius, along with seeing the leaning tower of Piza, and Venice.


The main part of France was obviously Paris and he Eiffel Tower, but we went to see the Notre Dame, and got to go to markets and eat croissants, and French Macaroons.