Sanctuary Belize

Forward Development

Green Technology

Sanctuary Belize is located on the southeastern coast of that Central American nation. Its developers have partnered with architects and designers and builders who use green technology innovations that are ecologically sound and economically feasible, as well as environmentally appropriate. The Sanctuary is a 14,000 acre property in a sprawling wildlife preserve, and hosts a 250-slip deep water marina, near the world’s second largest barrier reef.

Sanctuary Belize - The Belize Barrier Reef

Sanctuary Belize is a growing tropical paradise that lies on the southeastern coast of Belize, facing the pristine and pale blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. It sits next to a 110,000-acre wildlife preserve.

About half a mile away from Sanctuary Belize one finds a marvel of nature: the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the second largest barrier reef in the world, and the largest in the western hemisphere second only in breadth to the Great Barrier Reef. Flying south into Belize, one sees the reef as an unbroken chain of white surf that runs parallel to the coastline from the Yucatan Peninsula, to the south almost the entire length of the country.

As the developers of Sanctuary Belize know, and are proud to boast about, the Belize Barrier Reef is breathtakingly beautiful, and an utterly unique ecosystem that is home to a wide range of fabulous marine life. There are majestic coal gardens and rainbow-tinged tropical fish in the shallow waters of the reef interior. Outside of the reef the seabed drops off sharply and the ocean depths reach thousands of feet. In these deep blue waters one finds a wide variety of game fish, an attraction to the sport fisherman who love to come there: mackerel, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, sailfish, and blue marlin.

The Belize Reef itself is a living wall that is formed by countless millions of coral organisms called polyps. These organisms eat the tiny sea creatures that float around them. And within the reef there are microscopic blue green algae that give off the oxygen that is breathed by the polyps. It is a wondrous and miraculous ecosystem, one of the many unique things around Sanctuary Belize.

Sanctuary Belize - A Lot To Offer

Sanctuary Belize has a tremendous amount to offer people who are looking to own a piece of a tropical paradise. The Sanctuary was launched in 2009 and since then has sold more than 1,000 lots to people who recognized it as a ground-floor investment opportunity.

Owners are delighted to find that the property taxes in Belize are a fraction of what they are in the United States, which is a real value when it comes to second home assets. The Home Owners Association or community property fees for services returned at Sanctuary Belize are minimal. The fees include the wild reserve fee, because the surrounding forest is home to one of the largest jaguar preservation reserves in the world. This is considered an asset protection fee, and no further development can take place there.

“Everyone should go check out everything that Sanctuary Belize has to offer!” one thrilled visitor said after seeing it first-hand. “Not only the beautiful beaches, but all the natural beauty surrounding it!” The Master Plan developments include the completion of a 250-slip, deep water marina and yacht harbor with restaurants, seaside townhomes, and condominiums. Also included is a world-class hospital, community meeting houses, pools, a spa, gardens, resort hotels, and even a casino.

Sanctuary Belize developers are particularly happy to tout Kanantik, a secluded jungle resort of 25 bungalows on 1,300 acres of pristine rainforest, where the Sanctuary hosts guests who are thinking about purchasing property there. They discover that the Sanctuary is a friendly and accessible place where more and more Americans are retiring to live a life of leisure.

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