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Swedish meeting

The 5:th meeting "I had alot of fun (and hope you had a good time as well)"

So then it was time for the meeting at Kvarnbyskolan - Sweden.
-I have to admit that I was very nervous before this meeting, as it is alot of things that can go wrong, but despite a few hick ups everything went smootly,at least that was my impression, says the Swedish coordinator, Rose-Marie Conway

Our activities

Monday - a bit of culture and alot of giggles

We started of are program with "Luciatåg". The swedish students led by music teacher Sara, sang for our guests. After a quick "Fika" (meening coffebreak) it was time for the students to work together in the sports hall with Mikael and Anna-Karin.

After lunch students got a first hand experience of making ginger bread. Alot of flour, dough and smiles later we all sat down and tried our own gingerbread.
Later in the afternoon it was time for a bit more seroius activity - writing a storybord for a short film about human rights. - I was very impressed by the students. They started to work and came up with alot of creative ideas, says Anna-Karin (teacher).

Tuesday - we all went to Gothenburg

After a short tram ride. We started of the day with Universeum Science center. The students took part in a role play about "Carbon footprint". They also had time to have a good look around on their own at the diffrent exibitions. After lunch we visited Göteborg City museum. We went on a guided tour about the local history.
After all this input the students as well as techers was happy to have some time of their own to explore Göteborg and perhaps do some Christmas shopping.

Wednesday- filming and Swedish Christmas food

This day was all about making movies. Today we let in the pro´s Johan (actor and film creator) and Niclas and Filip (from our grade 9 with a lot of knowledge and experiance of making movies). After a whole days work all groups had made a brilliant movie. Well done!
After a few hours break it was time for our traditional Christmas meal and Farwell Party.

Thank you all so much for coming and making this meeting a success!