How to remove makeup

To help when you are a mess

Dear Samantha,

I have a hard time trying to wash mascara off my face. I've tried everything my friends have told me to do but it's not coming off easily.

What do I do?

Signed Jennifer(16)

Dear Jennifer

The best way to get rid of mascara is to use cotton pads presoaked in an oil-based solution to remove any water proof mascara. If not waterproof, then use cotton pads presoaked in a dual-phase remover specifically for the eyes in order to remove any other kind of mascara. When removing, close your eyes and hold the presoaked pads over the eyelids and lashes for ten seconds. The mascara should be able to come off afterwards. If you also need dual-phase remover that is specifically for the eyes, I put up a link to a sight where you can find it.

Sincerely Samantha

Nathan Fuentes and Jared Vargas