Newsletter Week 5 Term 1 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville MARCH 8th

Principals Message

Kia ora Koutou,

Well what a week it has been! We want to thank you so much for your diligence with testing when symptoms arise, and reporting the cases to us. This has made a huge difference in our ability to manage the covid situation at school. We are really grateful for your support. At the moment we currently have eight student confirmed cases and twenty two families needing to isolate due to being household contacts. The donations of food have been so gratefully received from our families that are unable to leave the house. Thank you so much!

My household has caught covid through our Mount Maunganui connection, and have been isolating since the start of last week. Watching my two children become sick and then myself, has been a little tough. What I do know is that the symptoms are different in everyone, and they escalate so quickly, within hours. So if your children complain of a scratchy throat, headache, little cough or a bit of a runny nose then make sure you keep a good watch! My saving grace has been cold and flu tablets, tissues and orange juice! I would like to thank the staff for working so hard and keeping school ticking along while I have been offsite behind my computer (and resting as well). Please keep notifying me at if you need to isolate, have positive cases in your household or need help or support in any way.

We have our School Swimming Sports (year 4-8) this Wednesday. It is going to be a great day! Unfortunately spectators are unable to attend (due to limited numbers) but we will post as many photos as we can. Make sure the children wear a house coloured t-shirt and PE shorts to school, pack towels, togs, hat, sunscreen, water and lunch.

God Bless you. Keep safe, keep well. May your light shine.

Andrea Colebourn



We would like to introduce you to our new Year 1 students in Akonga Hub. Beautiful smiling faces to brighten our day. Welcome everyone to St Joseph's Catholic School, we love having you join us.
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Covid Update PHASE 3

Rapid testing is available at the Recreation Grounds, entrance off Avenue Road South , 9:30 am - 12 noon, seven days a week.

Please make sure that you report your RAT results. A reminder that for under 12's, you need to ring 0800 222 478 and choose option 3.

Please see below the information your need regarding when to test. A reminder that if your child is a household contact and has been negative, a ten day negative result is required before returning to school on day 11.

We will continue to let each class know when a new confirmed case develops in the class (meaning that they could have been infectious while at school). We will do a school update every few days so that you can get an overall picture of what it looks like at St Joes. We won't be reporting student cases where the child has developed covid while being a household contact and hasn't been at school.

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Can you support?

We are wanting to organise some care meals for our isolating families and members who are sick. Rather than asking families to provide meals for the freezer, we would love any of the following items:

- orange juice (shelf)

- tissues

- packet of biscuits

- tins of spaghetti/baked beans

Next time you are at the supermarket, and are able to pop one of these items in your trolley, it would be so appreciated! Our amazing PFC are organising some other food items for us.

Please give your items to your children to pass on to their class teacher or pop in the container outside the student foyer.

Showing our Learning

Last week Room 5 celebrated Shrove Tuesday. Here is their sharing...

Today in Room 5 we made pancakes because it is Shrove Tuesday. The reason we made pancakes was to use up all the eggs, butter, and milk for lent. When I made my pancake I was very excited to eat it. I put lemon and sugar on mine. It was very tasty and I made a very big one. The lemon was dripping off my pancake.

By Lauren

Today we made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. The reason we made pancakes was to use all of the milk, eggs, and butter. When I made my pancake it was really yummy and I got to see it bubble. It smelled delicious. My mouth was watering as I made a big one.

By Nieve

When I made my pancake it was cool because it tasted yummy. It tasted like maple syrup.

By Elliot

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REMINDER Swimming Sports 2022 :Senior & Middle School Wednesday, March 9th

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Absentees, Messages for Your Child & Collecting Your Child Through School Time

Reminder... We wish to clarify the correct procedures as parents/caregivers for the following:

Absentees... There are three ways to advise the school of your child's absence. Please use one of the following with a brief reason as to why they are absent by 9.00am.

- Through our School App - Email - Phone (answer machine available)

Please do not advise absentees through Seesaw or email the classroom teacher..

Messages for Students... Phone the School Office by 2.40pm (answer machine available)

Please do not Seesaw message or email the classroom teacher.

Collecting Your Child During School Hours... Please phone the school office at least 30 minutes, or earlier if possible, before collection time, to arrange your child to be at the office waiting.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to these matters.

Thank you for shining your light and displaying our core values

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What You Need to Know : Ordering Student Subway Lunches

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Lunch Time Fun

Our little ones in Akonga Hub wanted to play soccer, but needed some support. Our older students decided to help out and organise some games for them. They had so much fun! This is just one example of the family like feel we have at St Joes. Thanks for helping out!


Lent has begun

Lent is such an important time in our Catholic Church. We often get asked what is Lent? What does it mean? The three pillars of lent; prayer, fasting and almsgiving are here with more detail for you.
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Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, March 9th - Yr 4-8 Swimming Sports
  • Sunday, March 13th - Second Sunday of Lent
  • Monday, March 14th order by 9am - Subway Lunch
  • Thursday, March 17th - St Patrick's Day -Feast Day- Mufti Day - Make It Green
  • Sunday, March 20th St Joseph's Feast Day
  • Thursday, March 24th - St Joseph's Day celebrations
  • Friday, March 25th - Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord
  • March 30th to April 1st - Year 5/6 Camp

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