Digital Coaches Corner

April/May 2019

Google Jamboard app- What is it? How can we use it in the classroom?

Google Jamboard is a new addition to Google for education. I am very excited about all the possibilities it brings to the table. Jamboard works on a Chromebook. Download the app in the app store. This is a great tool for student collaboration.

Intro video: How to use the Jamboard app in education.

Resources for Teachers on using Jamboard.

Creating your own Professional Development

Creating your PD is a great way to learn about topics that will truly impact learning in your classroom. Book Clubs, podcast and social media (Twitter and Facebook groups) are my favorite ways to learn and they all help keep me motivated.
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First Grade Book Club- Creating your own PD

Several first-grade teachers really wanted to learn more about close reading in the primary grades. Is it even possible to do close reading in 1st grade? The author of Little Readers Big Thinkers Amy Stewart is a great writer who has helped us all realize close reading is possible in 1st grade. Amy is currently a reading coach but was previously a kindergarten teacher. She has very realistic about what it is like to do Close Reading/Close Listening Kindergarten and first grade. I have really enjoyed reading this book with the first-grade teachers and they have taught me a lot.

What book would you like to read? What topic would you be interested in learning more about? Do you want to start a book club?

My current favorite Podcast!

Anytime I am in the car alone I have a podcast playing! If I don't wave when I meet you it is probably because I am distracted!

1. Shukes and Giiff

2. Educational Duct Tape

3. The Cult of Pedagogy

4. Google Teacher Tribe

5. House of #EdTech

6. Truths and teachers podcast

7. 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

I freely admit that I am a nerd. I do listen to a non-educational podcast at times. I can't wait for the next Trader Joe's podcast to be published and I love Mobituaries and Our American Stories.

Digital Breakouts

Breakouts are a great way to review a topic or help students dive into research. The breakout boxes are a lot of fun but digital breakouts are much easier to set up and use year after year. I found these resources on a recent Shukes and Giff podcast! If you want help creating a digital breakout just ask.

Sara Beckman and Sara Pranger made their own breakout on Iditarod rules and Christine Herkert made her own digital breakout on the planets. Christine has done several breakouts in her room this year. They really challenge her students. Breakouts are great for all age levels! Your students could even build their own digital breakout.

Resources: This site takes a Google Spreadsheet and turns it into a game. It offers a variety of games but the new addition is the Flippity scavenger hunt. This is a super simple way to make a digital breakout example

Other resources:

A gold mine of resources to create clues

How to create a digital breakout EDU game

Melanie Fessler

Please email if you have any questions or just need help starting a new adventure in PD.