Is Canada going to last till 2070?

By: Moaaz Ali

What is the current state of Canada?

Ar this point in time, Canada is letting many types of immigrants to settle in our country. Canada has immigration laws to see who is allowed into Canada. They are using a point system in which you have to fill out a sheet in order to see how many points you can store to immigrate to Canada. If you score enough points you were allowed in and of not,you aren't able to come in.Also, from 2016, there is a slightly elevated birth rate than death rate. This is because throughout the years, the health care has improved causing them to help fight against diseases which extended the life expectancy of every human being.The changes in death rate is because in then past , there was many diseases, famine and poor medical knowledge which caused many people to die. Nowadays , there is improvement in medical care, slightly longer life expectancy, water supply and sanitation. We can literally just walk in to any store and can get any medicine anytime you want. This is a very astonishing big change from where our previous generations use to live back in the days.

Birth Rate and Death Rate in 2070

In my opinion I think that there will be more deaths than births. Based on the Canadian demographics of 2016, the birth rate is 10.3 and the death rate is 8.5 per 1000 people.Therefore, the natural increase rate is positive at approximately 1.8 per 1000 people. But with Canada population regularly increasing day to day, the number of deaths has reasonably increased over time, and will steadily continue in the future especially when the baby-boomers are going to reach the age of high fatality.If Canada keeps this up,this will lead to a situation where they will be more deaths than births.Furthermore, the rate of Canadian women having kids are around 1.5 children per woman. This is the average of kids that women have in their lifetime. Fore more than 3 decades,the fertility rate is very low at around 1.5 which means that couple are no longer having enough children in 2016.This is a very big difference because from 1946 to 1965, which was the time where baby-boomers were born, Canadian women had given birth to 479,000 children.At that time, the rate was about 3-4 children per woman which is very surprising from what is happening in 2016
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Immigration to Canada in 2070

Right now, Canada is letting many types of immigrant but mainly refugees that are coming from Syria to seek refuge in Canada.But what's going to happen to the immigration system in the future? In my opinion, I think that the aim is to have an immigration system that will make Canada have more overall strength as a country and society. I believe that Canada will let more economic immigrants to settle in our country. This is because more than 35% of male workers are going back to their country which will decrease the economic level of Canada. Between 1996 to 2006, the exit rate of citizens of Canada is way higher than from the past.This is because many citizens want to go back to see their family since they can't come to Canada themselves or have a better job opportunity in another country.Also, I think that the government will make law for anyone who wants to immigrate to our country. This law will be that if you want to settle in our country, you need to settle to area that are less populated. This is because many of the new immigrants coming to Canada in 2016, settled in area that are already so populated like Ontario or Quebec and Canada has to do something in order to prevent overpopulation in specific area.

First Nations in 2070

I think that the First Nation today are not getting what they deserve base on the treaty they signed decades ago.In the past, The First Nations had to give up their lands as they were promised by the government that they will receive more benefits.They agreed to sign the treaty if they were going to get those rights. Some of them being reserves,annual payment and certain rights to hunt or fish.But unfortunately, they did not get what the government promised them. I think that in the future, the government needs to discuss with the First Nations about the relationship between those two.Right now, the government is trying to strengthen the bond between the Aboriginals and themselves but I predict that the Canadian government will agree with the First Nations so they can get what they deserve.They will not be inferior to the other communities in Canada , receive more payment and many more.
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In this picture, it is showing the future of immigration In Canada like the age group, where most of the residents are coming from, their education and which part the are planning to settle.
How Baby Boomers Predict the Future Economic Trends
In this video, they are explaining which business was earning the most money at a certain period of time because of the baby-boomers.For example, from 1946 to 1964 is when the baby-boomers were born therefore, the company of Gerber were very popular at that time since they were selling baby food and diapers.Also, since the baby-boomers are reaching the age of around 65 in 2016, what's going to be the hottest trend in the future?
In conclusion, I think that Canada has many tough challenges they need to face in the future and they have to do something in order to overcome it.How Canada will change in 2070 is that there will be an increase in population,the birth rate will go down while the death rate will go up, immigration laws will be change in order spread out all the new immigrants and finally, the First Nation will receive what they deserve and will get all the benefits.