Social Phobia

Nick L: TB 7

What is a social phobia?

A social phobia is a type of anxiety problem. It causes extreme shyness and self consciousness

What are some signs and symptoms?

You will see that that they are shy around other people and they will tell you that they have a extreme self conscience and think that the worst things are going to happen to them or the worst possible scenario.

How dose a social phobia effect a person?

It makes a person create good things into bad things because their mind over thinks the thought. Or the other thing that can happen is tat they just make themselves sad by creating bad situations out of things that are enjoyable for others.

What are other names for this social phobias?

Some other names that it can be called is a social disorder or an anxiety disorders.

How is it diagnosed?

It is diagnosed when people show extreme shyness ans saver fear of talking to other people.

how is it treated?

You can get treated by your family and friends to try to get you to come out of your shell. Or you can talk to a therapist about your problem.