Big Universe


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What is Big Universe?

Big Universe is a collection of books that can be read online. The subscription has been purchase by the county. You are able to create classes to share books with your students. You are able to select books based on content and level; and assign them to their students. Students can also select books to read on their own. Some books can be read aloud.

If you are having issues getting a student logged in by following the account conventions below, please email Mrs. Rutledge.

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Web vs. APP

The Big Universe APP works wonderfully for the students. It is a free download for the APP store. However, as a teacher the web version give you the abilities to set up and organize you classes.
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Help Cannot Find a Student

If you can not find a student please let Mrs. Crocket or Mrs. Rutledge know so they can add the student to the database.

How to Assign a Book

As a teacher you are able to assign books that will show up in a students bookshelf when they login.
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How to Get Credit

To get credit for the Big Universe App, set-up your class by adding all your students. Select one book to use in the coming week for guided reading or literacy centers. Fill in the Google Doc

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