Please Stop Laughing at Me

By Eric Xu


After elementary school, everything changed for a young girl named Jodee. Jodee remembers being popular in the earlier grades, but now that she is in middle school, she's become a severe bully victim and a social outcast. Instead of being admired, she is laughed at for being smart, her appearance has become the butt of jokes. Sure, maybe everyone gets bullied once in a while, but what Jodee's going through takes it to another level. Having cement thrown at her, 'shoving fistfuls of snow into [her] mouth' (Blanco 120), it's horrifying what teenagers will do to keep their popularity. To make matters worse, she has a deformity in her breast, which she struggled but unsuccessfully hid. Jodee's life is finally put back into order when she meets Annie, who is also an outcast, but no one bothers with her because of her ferocious appearance. Later, Jodee is awarded a week at writing camp, where she met people just like her. With the help of Annie and her friends, Jodee survives school. Now she is living a successful life traveling the world.

About the Main Character

In the book Jodee goes from elementary school through her adult days. She is the average girl, but has a high level of intelligence. Jodee is very comfortable and adept at public speaking. She can confidently tells herself, 'I'm not good at sports, but I can join the drama club and speech team,' (Blanco 7). From the thoughts she had written down in the book, I can tell that she is a kind hearted girl, and she will help her friends even if it means sacrificing herself (Blanco 118). She's been through a lot of pain, causing her to be scarred for life, but she never gave up, she fought 'till the end.


Jodee Blanco went through character vs. self and character vs. society.

Character vs. self: She had to overcome her want to be popular and her distaste of herself.

Character vs. society: Bullies and pretty much everyone makes her an outcast.

To show how desperate she is, she quotes her thoughts, 'I imagine a Faustian bargain with the popular students at school,' (Blanco 192). Once she became friends with Annie, she learned to care about the bullies less, and stop worrying about being popular. It wasn't described very clearly the bullies actions, but it seemed that she was less aware of it, and managed to survive high school through a miracle and her willpower.


I believe there are many themes that apply to the book, but I will choose one that applies to me too. I want to say that the theme is, 'Popularity isn't everything,' I chose this theme because she struggles with popularity throughout the book, very similar to me, and I should care less about being popular also.
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Jodee shares her experience with 5,200 students.

My Favourite Quote

One of my favourite quotes from the book is, 'Often, the opponent isn't another fighter, but my own self-doubt,' (Blanco 212). I also have this problem, even though a little bit of self doubt is a good thing, but little self esteem can destroy the heart, mind, body and soul*.

* Read more here


Jodee Blanco gives presentation on bullying at Onekama Schools

Book Review

I feel like this book deserves a five-star rating, because of its ability to emotionally reach its readers. Jodee Blanco does an amazing job of recalling her experience and smoothly integrating fictional parts into empty spaces. The dialogue seems very realistic, and so does the experience. Please Stop Laughing at Me communicates important themes to the reader, and that makes it a good book. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are being bullied themselves.
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Jodee gives out signatures at a school


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