Miss Kristi's Classroom

Miss Madi's Lead Week


For the next two weeks, we will be doing a spring unit in our classroom. Our main focus will be plants! We will be learning about seeds, and how they need water and sun to grow. The children will get to watch plants grow over time and identify plants that we can eat. The children have been asked to go home and find out what plants are growing at their homes. The children are welcome to bring in pictures or written descriptions of the plants that are in their homes. This is something we will share during our group time this Thursday, March 24th. We will also come back to it the following week as well.

If your child would like to take photos and sending them is easier, feel free to email the photos to me at Madisons@ksu.edu.



Next week the children will be given the chance to plant their own grass, as well as marigolds and radishes.

The grass will be planted individually in clear plastic cups with faces on the front that the children will take home.

The marigolds and radishes will be planted in the flower beds on the Harmony playground.

We would also like to plant some pre-grown plants in our flower beds. This experience will be taking place on March 30th and 31st from 12:45 to 1:15. Parents are welcome to join us on these days!

We are asking for donations for our planting experience, but please do not feel obligated to go out and buy something.

Things we will need:

- Seeds (Marigold)

- Seeds ( Radishes)

- Pre-grown plants of any kind

- Shovels

- Sprinklers/water pitchers

Please have items sent in with your child by Friday March 25th so that we know what else to find over the weekend prior. If you plan to contribute, please email me at Madisons@ksu.edu and let me know what it is that will be brought in so we can get everything accounted for.

I am excited to do these spring planting experiences with the boys!

Thanks for your support!