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How to Make April Count and Ignite 2020

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Welcome to April! The final sprint for attraction and getting enough in the pipeline to convert. As well as the final sprint for many of you in school. This is truly the month to make count. This is the chance for us to push ourselves farther than we normally do because we know that's the only way we will grow. Everything that has happened up until now is what it is, there's nothing we can do to change it. But the question that remains is...

How can it get better than this?

What's Included

  1. Team Standards Update
  2. Curious Cat #11
  3. What is Productivity?
  4. What the Heck is SONA??
  5. Global Leader: Summer

Team Standards Update

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Now that March has passed and we've made it to April, it's time to ensure that the team standards tracker is updated for March. It's also a good time to ensure that everything is planned out for April.
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What is Productivity?

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't, but it is a very important metric for the Global Leader program. Productivity is the measure that shows us the efficiency of our talent capacity. It is also an indicator of how much our members are developing. Because we are a learn-by-doing organization, the more that each person does, the more they will develop and grow.

How do you calculate it?

  1. Put the # of members, then a colon, then the # of the KPI (apps, opens, approved, re, etc.)
  2. Then reduce the ratio to simplify it as much as you can


I have 6 members and 30 applicants --> 6:30 ==> 1:5

  • (it takes 1 member to get 5 applicants)
I have 14 members and 4 approves --> 14:4 ==> 3.5:1
  • (it takes 3.5 members to get 1 approved)


I have 4 members and 18 meetings --> 4:18 ==> 1:4.5

  • (it takes 1 member to get 4.5 meetings)
I have 8 members and 4 approves --> 8:4 ==> 2:1
  • (it takes 2 members to get 1 approved)

What the Heck is SONA??

SONA: State of the National Association

This is a quarterly report that we do four times a year: April, July, October, January. It allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how our entity is doing so that we can gain valuable insights and develop stronger strategy.

Many of the insights we want to gain revolve around our membership, which is where we come in. There are several questions that you will need to collect data for and two of the most important ones in there are:

  1. Completed Team Standards Tracker
  2. All members on the member tracking database (which is in the TM podio workspace).


DUE: APRIL 17th by 11:59 PM EST

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Summer is fast approaching, and now is the time to start thinking about what ours will look like. How many people will be here? What will the teams look like? Do we need to find people outside of our current membership? What will the physical summer experience look like? The virtual?

All questions that should be popping into your mind now. Historically, the level of productivity over the summer has been low, but it continues to increase each year. This is the first year that we have pushed to really strengthen Global Leader as a program and we have it for Spring and Fall, but we haven't developed it enough for the Summer session.

Summer is a very unique time of the hear and holds some very unique opportunities. They vary from LC to LC but some of them include, recruiting more members, more hours of the day to work physically, higher volume of EPs abroad and here, more free time to bond as a team, and summer is just plain fun! I want us to capitalize on all those facts.

Talk to your LCP's about what your LC's summer operations can look like (they started the conversation at NPR last weekend). You'll find below a ppt of some guidelines for what should be going on.

Key things to consider when creating your plan with your EB:

  1. Your goals and expected results during your summer break
  2. Team structures
  3. Job descriptions
  4. How/where you plan to get people to be working physically
  5. The member experience and when each of the team standards will be delivered
  6. Learning & development and how you will train your summer teams

Natalie Rodgers

Member Committee Vice President of Talent Management

Contact me with any questions!