Henrico County

by Leah Cheek and Shelby Runkle

County Basics

Henrico County is 245 square miles long. We have a population of 306,935 people!

The citizens lifestyles vary from casual to working class. Our county is mostly suburban with some rural areas mixed in, and we have a School Board that watches over our public school system.


The counties legislative branch is run by the Board of Supervisors, they create our ordinances. If they choose, they can elect a county manager, which would be our elective branch. Our local judicial branch is organized by district and circuit courts.


Building Inspections:

-Buildings inspected every year

-Must pay fee for building permits

Health Department:

-Has resources for healthy living

-Promotes healthy lifestyle

Public Library:

-Provides learning services for all ages

-Wide selection of books of varied genres

Important Services

Keep Henrico Beautiful:

-Offers community services for environmental help

-Promotes litter prevention and recycle programs


-Program to inform the public about current events in schools

-Special programs about specific unit instruction

Fire Community Services:

-Safety seminars for children

-Offers programs for different ages

Fun Facts!

Henrico County is about 400+ years old!

The name Henrico comes from the Prince of Wales, Henry Frederick, for suggesting better living conditions for those living in Jamestown.

Some attractions in our county include Meadow Farm Museum, Three Lakes Nature Center & Aquarium, and Henrico theatre.